‘2023 Elections Will Be Rigged By The CDC-Led Government’ Senator Prince Johnson Predicts

Senator Prince Y. Johnson

As Liberians crave for a peaceful general and presidential elections come 2023, a former rebel leader and now a senator in the Liberian Senate, Prince Y. Johnson has predicted that the CDC-led government of President George Weah will rig the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections by all means to stay in power.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with an online platform this week on the social media, who is also the founder and head pastor of the Chapel of Faith Ministries, said prophetical speaking he is a man of God, and also repeated that the 2023 elections will be rigged, stressing, “2023 will be rigged by this government, and that will bring the civilian and this government into confrontation; I see more demonstrations in 2023, if this don’t happen what I am telling you, don’t believe me, ” Senator Johnson vowed during the interview.

When ask, Sed as to why members of the Senate are not helping to solve the prevailing situation in the country which has led the citizenry to be in fear, Senator Johnson said, “We are doing our best. We advise, we cannot take the cow to the water and force it to drink,” Senator Johnson said.

Speaking further, the Nimba County Senator said, “If I was president I will prioritize salaries; salaries will put food on the people’s tables, look how we the Senators have not taken pay for months, I am disappointed, my people are crying,” Senator Johnson   in a rather frustrated state of mind added.

Senator Johnson reflecting on the 2017 general and presidential elections results which brought the CDC-led government to power was also rigged, stressing, “There was massive rigging during this gone (2017) elections,” Senator Johnson with laughter in the background revealed.

With this latest revelation of a pending elections rigging come 2023 from a former rebel leader, Liberians including members of the opposition community are worrying over such statement, expressing fear of such revelation coming from a famous rebel leader turned politician and religious leader.

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