Meet Liberia Born Bodybuilding Sensation, NDO Who Is Set To On Former Four-Weight World Champion, Roy Jones Jr.

Robert Wilmote or NDO

With his entertaining persona, his videos have many viewers. The name NDO is an acronym for ‘NO DAYS OFF! ‘, Robert Wilmote as he is extremely hard working and trains every day. He was born in Liberia, Africa during the time of the first Liberian Civil War, his family moved from Liberia to the USA to avoid the crisis.

NDO CHAMP is set for a baptism by fire when he enters the boxing ring for the first time come January.

The 38-year-old Liberian bodybuilder and social media star is set to take on former four-weight world champion, Roy Jones Jr. on January 28 in an exhibition fight in Miami.

But getting to this stage in his life has been far from simple.

NDO Champ, whose real name is Robert Wilmote, was born in war-torn Liberia during a civil war that lasted a total of 12 years and cost approximately 250,000 people their lives, per the BBC.

Thankfully, according to NDO Nation’s website, he was able to escape to America along with his mother and siblings, thanks to funds raised by his grandfather.

His bio explains how as a teenager, he would wake up every day at 5 am to head to the gym “to get out of his frustrations” and exercise “for fourteen hours out of the day.”

Jones Jr. beat the likes of Antonio Tarver and James Toney during his career

However, transitioning into a new culture is rarely easy, and NDO Champ found himself falling into “the wrong crowd” which eventually landed him a short stint in prison.

But it seems this time behind bars may have helped him in the long run, writing that “he then discovered his identity and passion” – fitness.

This benefited him mentally and physically, going on to study “at a literary center to read about the importance of nutrition.”

His bio explains: “He began to feel like his purpose in life was to utilize his passion to help change the lives of others for the better.

“He believes that knowledge is the key to empowerment and decided to become a motivational speaker to inspire troubled teens and to excel and rise above negative influences.”

NDO (No Days Off) Champ went on to work as a personal trainer, cross-fitness instructor, and an IFBB Pro competitive bodybuilder, while also training high school basketball players and giving motivational speeches.

He even finished second at the 2019 Arnold Classic in the Super Heavyweight division, per TMZ.

And looking to the future, it’s safe to say he has some big goals for himself.

Not only is he set to make his boxing debut, but according to his bio: “The mission for the next 5 years is to be the number 1 motivator in the industry and the number one 4x Mister Olympia, best actor, and best celebrity trainer.”

In 2017, Wilmot appeared in a multiple award-winning short film, named Grind: The Robert Wilmote Story, directed by Yuri Alves.

And now with over 800,000 Instagram followers and 1.18 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, he’s on his way to securing that “celebrity trainer” status.

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