President Weah Says CDC-Council Patriots Has No Membership, Condemns Violence Attack

The Liberian leader, President Weah openly rejects CDC-Council of Patriots; says he’s not aware of the institution membership with the ruling party – pushes for legal prosecution of its Counter-Protest action on July 26

Addressing the Nation on Monday, President Weah said as one of the founding pioneers of the Congress of Democratic Change, he is not aware of any group called CDC- Council of Patriots.

The Liberian leader therefore ordered the Justice Ministry to arrest all those involved with the July 26 fracas.

President Weah at the same time mandated the Minister of Health to provide Medical Care to all those who sustained injuries during the Protest, at the expense of the Government.

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1 Comment on President Weah Says CDC-Council Patriots Has No Membership, Condemns Violence Attack

  1. Harris Kerkula
    George Weah must have just left Jamaica lodge. I can tell. I know because I can see lots of substances serioulsy affecting his brain. He says he’s a man of peace, but his gangster CDC party has a very long history of violence, from as far back as when CDC was an opposition party. One would have thought that would have stopped, after he became President. But no, the violence has increased, at a higher rate and heavily state-financed. The people who committed the recent violence against UL students were well-financed and “allowed” to operate by the LNP. Now, Mr. President, Buga dancer and Reggae musician, says he’s a man of peace. So, Mr. man of peace, here are a few questions for you. (1) What’s about the repeated attacks on Henry Costa and his radio station, because he would not bow down to worship you? Who decided to chase Henry Costa out of Liberia, Mr. man of peace? And (2) what about the repeated attacks on (2) Yekeh Kolubah, every other day, and esp the heinous Grand Gedeh attack (which included, opposition leader Alexander Cummings) – what’s the result of that investigation Mr. man of peace? And (3) what about the gruesome attacks on the UP candidate Cornelia Kruah in Gardnersville, where there violence was captured live on video?. And the list of political violence continues… (4) what about the attacks on Telia Urey, a candidate for the opposition? Who ordered and Finance the attackes on Telia Urey, Mr. man of peace, while the LNP was watching the whole show and did nothing? Mr. man of peace, what is the result of the investigation of the attacks on Cornelia Kruah and Telia Urey, both opposition candidates? Again, Mr. man of peace, what about all those Auditors that died mysteriously under your watch? Who ordered their deaths and why? Whats the result of that those investigations also Mr. man of peace? And even though the list of victims of CDC-sponsored violence is endless, i’ll just add one more for the record, given how heinous and gruesome it was. Now, Mr. man of peace, what about Jestina Taylor case of sexual assault and brutalization, just after she made wild and critical political statements against Koijee? Who ordered and financed her sexual assault and poisening, Mr. man of peace? And whats the result of the Jestina Taylor investigation, Mr. man of peace? You must be thinking that all the 5m Liberians are all fools. I can see that’s just what you think. We know exactly who is ordering and sponsoring the violence. Just be there smooking weed and thinking we don’t know. We are awake and out God is not sleeping; he is above all watching.

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