LIBERIA: JIC Exonerates Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan In Allegation Of Reported Withdrawal Of US3.4M From Ducor Account

Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan

In continuation of our last edition (Part 1) the writer has resolved for the benefit of the public to focus on the alleged withdrawal of US$3.4 million from Ducor Petroleum Incorporated allegedly on the orders of the Chief Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia, in the weeks to come GNN has independently seated to adequately inform the public on “Complaints of Amos P.K. Brosius against Her Honor Eva Mappy Morgan, Chief Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia in part 2 our investigative report.

Court documents in the possession of GNN has revealed the innocence of the Chief Judge of Commercial Court, Eva Mappy Morgan of the alleged withdrawal of Ducor’s US$3,4 Million from Liberia Bank and Investment (LBDI) without the report consent  of one of the litigating parties held in escrow as being alleged by Amos P.K. Brosius.

But Court documents in the possession of GNN noted that on June 22, 2020, Judge Mappy Morgan requested the Judiciary Inquiry Commission (JIC) to investigate the allegations filed by Amos Brosius on August 14, 2018, before the Chief Justice of Liberia, His Honor, Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. Following the writing of this letter to the Chief Justice, a second complaint dated July 18, 2018, was also sent to the Chief Justice by Mr. Brosius against Judge Mappy Morgan. It is the complaint of July 18, 2021, that the CJ sent to the JIC for investigation.

JIC Chairman’s letter to the Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor, Sr, on May 10, 2021
Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan communication to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia

The documents also said the JIC commenced a hearing presided over by Justice Yusuf Kaba, as Chair, Former Associate Justice, George E. Henries, member; Judge J. Boima Konto, member; Judge James E. Jones, member; Sis. Mary Laurene Browne, member; Hon. Emmanuel Z. Bowier, member, Magistrate Nelson Chinneh, member; and Cllr. Jura Lynch, member. The Commission found Judge Mappy Morgan liable in April 2021 and recommended as follows:

  1. The JIC is of the considered opinion that the conduct of the respondent herein violates the fundamental rights of the complaint, the Constitution, Statutes, and Judicial Canons of the Republic of Liberia in manner and from so egregious, reckless, callous without remorse. The JIC recommends that the Supreme Court suspends the respondent for the period of one year without pay and benefits.
  2. The JIC is also of the opinion that the complainant has suffered or is suffering unimaginable pains, agony and mental distress occasioned by the wanton and reckless disposition of the respondent in the matter of the petition for accounting filed by MOTC against the complainant. The JIC therefore advises that the complainant is not precluded by these proceedings to institute action of damages for wrong against the respondent in a competent court of jurisdiction.

The document noted further, “It is observed that while the JIC ruling is signed by the majority of 6 out of 8 members, the late Hon. Emmanuel Z. Bowier, who also signed the ruling, making up the five, never appeared, nor participated in these proceedings. Yet, it is these same people who pass judgment as to Judge Mappy Morgan being unethical.  Also, Former Associate George E. Henries and Mag. Nelson Chinneh declined and did not sign the ruling.

  1. Judge Mappy Morgan excepted to this ruling by the JIC and filed a Bill of Exceptions before the Supreme Court of Liberia on June 17, 2021. The Supreme heard arguments and the ruling is still pending.
  1. While the ruling is pending before the Supreme Court, Mr. Brosius files another complaint, and this was sent to Judge Mappy Morgan for her response. Judge Mappy Morgan’s response of May 2021 is attached for your reference.

Concluding, the document said “After receipt of Judge Mappy Morgan’s letter to the JIC, the JIC under the signature of its Chair, His Honor, Associate Justice Yusuf Kaba, wrote this attached JIC letter, dated May 10, 2021. This letter clearly exonerates Judge Mappy Morgan. So, the question becomes, “Why the deadlock?”

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