In U.S. PLP Political Leader, Daniel Cassell Arrested For Fraud

PLP Political leader, Dr. Daniel Cassell 

As Liberia’s 2023 draws closer with many vowing to replace the CDC-led government of President George Weah, the nightmare of one of the presidential candidates has just begun with the arrest of the political leaders of the People’s Leberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel Cassell been arrested in the United States for fraud.

According to report, Dr. Cassell was on March 17, 2022 arrested by the Clayton County Sheriff’s office n Jonesboro, Georgia, the United States for absconding justice.

Back home, executives of his party are said to be having serious executive meeting for the possible replacement of their political leaders, due to the alleged criminal nature of his arrest in the US.

According to sources in the US, if Dr. Cassell is found guilty of the alleged crimes, he will be sentenced for not later than 30 years.

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2 Comments on In U.S. PLP Political Leader, Daniel Cassell Arrested For Fraud

  1. In my opinion, it’s ironic that Daniel Cassell appeared in Africa as a Philanthropist and Humanitarian running for president donating large sums of money. This, right after COVID PPP loans were given to companies to help those companies to stay in business during the COVID crisis. While overbilling clients is very serious and can carry heavy fines, I double seriously that overbilling was the reason Daniel Cassell was promptly arrested in Georgia. The question is, did any of his employees at Kwenyan get paid during COVID? All Kwenyan counseling services have been closed for business. Know who your presidential candidates are before endorsement.

  2. With this news about Daniel Cassell, Liberians who spent their entire life working out of the country and after retirement want to become president of Liberia should be carefully study.
    I strongly believe cllr. Congloe and former vice president Joe Boikai are the two presidential candidates voters should began to give consideration to for now for two reasons
    1. Both of them live and work in Liberia all their lives.
    2. We have so far not heard about any form of fraud about them.

    So we need to consider selecting between these two individuals.

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