Associate Justice Sie-Nyene Youh Blasts Magistrates For Unethical Behavior

By Dyujay Jackson
Temple of Justice

The Supreme Court of Liberia, Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Youh  alarmed over the constant abuse of section 13.5 of the criminals appearance bond by magistrates across the country.

Speaking Monday March 21, 2022 during program making the civil law court A and annex B official  March term opening, justice Youh explained that majority of the cases before the supreme court on judges and Magistrates ethical behavior are mostly dominated with magistrates complaint.

“We  are appealing to magistrates across the country to do the right thing, the law is there as the arm Ancholme because when the law is properly use you can never go wrong.

According to her, due to the several complaint they continue to receive from the public  against magistrates, the chief Justice continue to pursue the magistrate sitting program at the central prison because there are still people Imprisoned  at the prison without bond but just prison for intensive period of time because the magistrate feel like it.

“ The application of 13.5 is been abuse  on a daily basic by magistrate across the country. The law is clear as to the application of section 13.5. You have to release the person to someone who have influence over them” justice Youh noted.

She continues that its clear that you can not  release a person to his mother or somebody that they do not respect, cautioning magistrate to stayed in the confirms  of the law to reduce prison crowdedness.

“ Let us stay with the detail of the law magistrate and let us see less, and less of those complain against your to the supreme court. You are finally aware that the supreme court has not hesitated in bringing down punishment against judges and magistrate deviating from the law. Let us governor ourselves properly” Justice Youh caution magistrate.

Meanwhile, Justice  Sie-A-Nyene Youh disclosed that they are seeing a high degree of  collaboration between the executive government and the supreme court and the Trial judges Association leading to an agreement to put back on the salary of judges and justices that which was taken from them in violation of the constitution.

She said that the agreement was reached due to the advocacy and the case file by the Trial Judges Association which alarmed over the reduction and cut in the salary of judges, and justuces across the country, adding that the benefits and salary of judges and justices should not be demonished except the constitution provides.

“ The benefits and salary of judges and justice can only be reduce by policy enacted by the legislature. The reduction of justices and judges salary is not what the constitution anticipate. However, in recent, there have begun increment in the salary of judges and justices even though they have not reached there fully. This bench is determine to ensure that every cut is place back on the salary of justice and judges and all is well with the judiciary” Madam Youh concluded.

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  1. I am also a victim of these unethical behaviors of our magistrates. Caution is just not enough at this level when they are getting so disconnected from what they should be doing to help preserve the peace of our country. I recommend a continuous psychological test for them to keep them on check on their service delivery standards.

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