Unlocking the Power of Africa’s Healing Herbs – The Case Of Nature’s Renaissance International Ltd

Mr Clinton Brown – CEO NRI

This week GNN has taken keen interest in the professional services being provided by the Nature’s Renaissance International Ltd; its products are said to be making great impact in the lives of people making them healthier through their products.

For the benefit of those who over the years have suffered from many illnesses and cannot easily find the medicines to cure those illnesses, GNN was able to bring to light medical products by Africans who have done scientifically well in bring real relief to people.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Nature’s Renaissance International Limited, Mr. Clinton Brown, the vision of his group is to uplift people from the scourge of financial strain to a position of WEALTH, creating millionaires across the world annually and helping people around the world attain optimal health using the amazing gift of nature abundant in Africa.

The mission of this great healing hub, is by using its highly potent and wholly organic products, at very affordable prices, unrivaled pay plan and unwavering commitment to excellence by management and staff with the intent is to, through its treasured partners transform lives – first in Africa and then the rest of the world.


Nature’s Renaissance International Ltd (NRI) is a multilevel marketing or direct selling company targeting over 50 million distributors across the globe.

NRI is the marketing arm of Universal Alternative Therapy Discovery (UATD), founded in the year 2016.

A global healthcare company dedicated to improve the health of mankind through developing the finest of health Care solutions using African herbs.

Headquartered at No. 90 Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria, the company is well positioned to serve humanity.

To date, NRI supports the health of populations across Africa and beyond.

Our manufacturing plants are designed and constructed in compliance with FDA and NAFDAC regulations and standard of products safety and efficacy.

NRI is dedicated to providing good health and creating massive wealth to the African people and the world at large.

NRI is determined to run a sustainable, unbeatable international MLM structure that aims at reducing poor health and poverty to its barest minimum.

NRI is committed to promoting the finest of Africa’s rich culture worldwide and to contribute to the well-being of mankind.

NRI is determined to ensure that we provide satisfaction to all our esteemed distributors/ consumers thus guaranteeing good health and good wealth for humanity.

 Highly Effective. Proudly Africa

This product will provide solution for;
Sperm boost in men,
Weak erection,
Quick ejaculation,
Improves sperm motility and sperm morphology,
Improves infertility problems in men,
Combined with D3 Organic to treat prostate e.t.c .
Nature’s Gift
This excellent Product, Nature’s gift is for the relieve of;
Cardiovascular problems
Improves blood circulation
Efficient for the Treatment of Stroke and partial paralysis
Excellent for the treatment of Parkinson disease,
Treats Epilepsy, brain related problems
Good for nervous disorders
De -Diafix
This Excellent Product, De-Diafix, is for the relieve of;
Permanent cure for
Diabetes and pre diabetes cases,
Rejuvenates the pancrease
Helps in the production of natural insulin
Deals with sugar problems.

For further detail information here in Liberia contact these numbers below:

(+231-886461010 or (+231-777461010

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