Donald Trump Favorite to Win 2024 Election With Bookmakers

By Jack Dutton

Fiona Hill Compares Trump And Putin, Both Use Tools From ‘Authoritarian’s Playbook’

For the first time since before the November 2020 presidential election, two leading bookmakers have placed Donald Trump as the favorite to win the 2024 election.

BetOnline offers 11-4 on Trump winning, followed by incumbent Joe Biden at 13-4. and Vice President Kamala Harris third with odds of 5-1.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida trails Harris with odds of 10-1, ahead of Pete Buttigieg at 16-1, Nikki Haley at 18-1 and Mike Pence at 20-1.

Immediately after his November defeat, Panama headquartered BetOnline offered odds of 33-1 on a Trump victory in the 2024 Election. That number fell to 12-1 in January this year.

“Biden’s approval rating is falling, and it looks less likely than ever that he will be able to get his agenda through Congress,” BetOnline political oddsmaker, Paul Krishnamurty, told Newsweek. “A defeat at the mid-terms (70 percent likely) would further tie his hands and likely make for a very uncomfortable couple of years after 2022. It’s hard to see his brand being as strong the second time around. Running again, aged 81, may make little sense.

“Harris meanwhile isn’t cutting through as VP or a viable alternative. Thus the Democrats look set to have a weak hand in 2024,” he added.

“While Trump may well still be indicted, the longer authorities wait, the more it will appear politically motivated and the more likely to get tied up in legal delays. It isn’t clear that the Jan. 6 Commission will deliver either. The effect may ‘detoxify’ Trump and the issue itself.

“Finally, no serious challenge is emerging to Trump. Liz Cheney looks likely to lose in Wyoming, and therefore deter others from taking him on. The nomination appears to be Trump’s for the taking. But 2024 is probably still a tossup, like most presidential races of recent times.”

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