Mixed-Reactions Overwhelm Liberia’s 2023 Presidency, As Liberians Speak Out

Joel Cholo Brooks

GNN investigation has gathered over the weekend that many Liberians are becoming wearied with the constant reported misunderstanding within the opposition bloc, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), a situation that is gradually affecting the overwhelming support towards this opposition bloc.

The formation of this opposition bloc at its earlier state drew the support of many Liberians who are opting for a real change in the country’s leaders; many of them who gave their support to the CPP have begun to wearied over the  endless crises within this oppositions bloc.

Some Liberians who spoke to our nationwide correspondents including the political capital of Liberia, Monrovia are expressing fear that if this ‘Unhealthy political drama’ remains endless, ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections, the oppositions may likely loses its grip of obtaining state power.

“The oppositions must quickly put their act together if they are to capture state power and politically dethrone the CDC-led government during the 2023 general and presidential elections, the shafting of blames on one another will not be healthy for their quest”, Sarai Johnson, a resident of Plumkor in Sinkor speaking to our team of reporters noted.

Some of our Correspondents from the leeward who performed similar tasks of speaking to locals in their respective assigned counties also said many of the supporters of the CPP have become to weary of the reported misunderstanding amongst the leadership of the CPP, noting that if this continues it may have a serious trigger down effect on securing ab slot for state power.

like Sarai, several others similarly told our reporters that the oppositions must see reason of coming together in the spirit of building a united front ahead of the 2023, “I believed the oppositions are ready for state power, they have already started shooting themselves in the legs ahead of this historic period of electing our leaders who will steer the affairs of our country for another six years.

But for others who are very optimistic of CPP capturing state power come 2023, said the leadership of the CPP are doing everything to be

However, on the flipside, our reporters also took up time to speak to supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), many of whom bragged of recapturing state power with ease, perhaps due to what they called the neglectfulness of the oppositions; their failure to holding together as a united front ahead of the 2023.

“We will beat them flat on the ground, because they are unserious. Liberians cannot trust this country in their hands. I once again repeat myself, we will beat flat on the ground come 2023”, Nathaniel Kangar who claimed to be a  full supporter of the ruling establishment in a rather boastful posture said.

Many of those who spoke to the GNN agreed that the oppositions under the banner, the CPP have massively failed to do its work successfully in coming together which will help them to pave the way in capturing state power, like this businesswoman, only identified as Ma Musu, said her quest for the CPP is gradually dying down, adding, “I am taken aback of what is happening on a daily basis within the CPP; the continues crisis will not help them in their bid for the presidency”, Ma Musu who appeared worried told the GNN.

However, some Liberians who spoke to the GNN said they are confident that the crisis within the opposition bloc will soon come to an end , and further assured that the ruling establishment (CDC) with have a force to battle with come 2023, which at the end will eventually declare this bloc victorious. The public can’t wait to see this day to come

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