Former Liberian First Lady, Nancy B. Doe Files $10M Lawsuit Against Her Legal Team

Press Statement

Mrs. Nancy B. Doe

The former Liberian First Lady, the wife of the late Liberian leader, Samuel K. Doe, Nancy B. Doe has reportedly filed a Ten Million Dollars ($10 Million) lawsuit against her legal team headed by Counselor Milton B. Taylor at the Debt Court, Temple of Justice on June 16th 2021, after a reported misunderstanding between the two.

Explain prior to her suit, the former Liberian First Lady said, she sued her former lawyer, Counselor Milton D. Taylor at the Temple of Justice Debt Court for $6.5 Million United States Dollars following his dismissal in November 2020, noting, “Taylor claimed that the Estate of my late husband owes him 6.5 million dollars.  In his claims, he ordered that I be arrested, put in jail and my current resident seized.  To God be the Glory, on July 23rd 2021, Cllr Taylor’s case was dismissed,” Mrs Doe in a press release issued said.

“Counsellor Taylor is fully aware that the case we won at the commercial court in Liberia and ECOWAS court has yet to be recognized and paid.  Since Cllr Taylor’s termination, he has called many people to bad mouth me, saying that we never paid him a cent.  As part of the agreement, he accepted to fund our court fees and receive a percentage for his services pending payment.  However, he failed to publicize that he received his fee of $45,000 US payment once my husband, Samuel Kanyon Doe’s pension case was concluded and I received his full annuity payment,” Mrs. Doe in her communication said.

“The main purpose of my press release is to announce that I am suing Cllr Milton D. Taylor for $10,000,000 US dollars for defamation of character.   Cllr Taylor has publically humiliated me when he publicized our case in the radio and several newspapers on multiple occasions only to embarrass me.  Since we are on a no win no fee contract, we have no outstanding debt to Cllr Taylor.  The Intestate Estate of Samuel K. Doe Sr acquired Cllr Taylor services in 2011 to secure our properties and monies owed within Liberia.  Let it be known that Cllr Taylor has breached several major ethical issues and failed over the years to provide The Intestate Estate of Samuel K. Doe Sr. with decent and adequate representation,”

See below full statement: 

As a result of his abysmal representation, he has caused me and my family great despair, embarrassment, undue hardship and suffering due to loss of financial revenues.  As a result his services were terminated November 11th 2020.  My complaints are as follows:

  1. Cllr Taylor demanded we pay him $250,000 and 50% of VAMOMA.  He refused to justify his reasoning for this.  He is fully aware that VAMOMA is Private Corporation with its own list of shareholders, which has not hire his services.  We have 87% shares in VAMOMA, yet in his letter of Memorandum of Understanding he has demanded such ridiculous amount for payment and I refused to sign it.  Cllr Taylor refused to eliminate this charge and insisted it was valid.
  2. Cllr Taylor’s continuous threat to not present the VAMOMA case to the judge if VAMOMA’S Memorandum of Understanding was not signed as the case is due to be heard in court.
  3. Cllr Taylor has also charged my son, Samuel Kanyon Doe, Jr. 1 Million Dollars for the Samuel K. Doe, Jr. vs. Archibald Bernard case, in which Cllr Taylor equated to 40% of the overall worth of the land. When we asked him to specify and detail his charges, he attempted to intimidate us by threating to drop our ECOWAS case.
  4. Cllr Taylor put me under duress with his excessive fees for the ECOWAS Case.  As the case was due to be heard in Nigeria, he coerced the estate into increasing the percentage from 25% to 35% because we had no recourse to new counsel at the time.  This was calculative and he took absolute advantage over my vulnerable position.
  5. We have many outstanding cases, either on appeal or awaiting assignments.  Yet over the years, Taylor has refused to provide updates on all our cases.  We have reason to believe that Cllr Taylor personally sabotaged our cases, received illicit payments and connived with our opponents, for example,
    1. VAMOMA’S case was won in the civil law court in 2015, yet we have never taken possession of it.  The defendant was supposed to file an appeal, up till now it was never filed.   Six years on, Taylor has refused to explain why we cannot take possession of our property and why the appeal was never dismissed or heard.
    1. I was sued by Archibald Bernard to repossess the land that he sold to my late husband.  According to the lawsuit, Bernard confirmed that he sold the property to my husband without his children’s permission, even though both Bernard and his children’s names are on the deed.  Following one week of hearing, Taylor advised me to drop the case and turnover the property without any financial restitution or negotiations.  I refused and cried bitterly initially.  He later explained that is the only way he would represent me.  I now understand that Taylor’s advice was not prudent and he may have purposely disrupted my case for kickbacks.
    1. We filed a suit against a Conex Cow slaughterhouse, where my current property was used as collateral for a percentage of the earnings 10 years ago approximately.  We paid Taylor court filing fees of $500 US dollars three years ago, yet the filings have yet to be made and the slaughterhouse is operationally and appears profitable.
    1. Cllr Varney Sherman has illegally occupied my house in Congo town since 2003, we have filed the paperwork and yet nothing has come out of this case.  Cllr Sherman currently leases my property to clients for profits. We have had no updates except Taylor’s boasting of how he admires Cllr Sherman when he was his lecturer in law school.
    1. I won a case against Central Bank for my daughter Veronica Doe.  The commercial court ruled that Cllr Varney Sherman did not pay my daughter’s money when BCCI was liquidated in the early 90s as he had claimed. 
      1. I had opened my daughter’s account in US, therefore the payment should be made in the US dollars.  Following the ruling, Central Bank accepted the verdict but argued that it should be paid in Liberian dollars, so the case was sent to the Supreme Court. 
      1. Cllr Taylor told us that he was thrown in jail for three days during court proceedings; he claimed that there was no cause and no justification for our case to be thrown out.  If there were no cause or justification according to Taylor, we do not understand why this case never been appealed.  
      1. My case was already awarded in the commercial court, we were only awaiting to see whether it would be paid in US or Liberty, it was thrown out with him and Taylor refused to speak of it again.
  6. Counsellor Taylor has written to the Government of Liberia requesting they halt any payment on the ECOWAS case following his termination.
  7. Over the years, Cllr Taylor has refused to give us copies of our case files and has recently written to the courts warning them not to share our documents with us or our new legal counsel.
  8. For several years now, Cllr Taylor has made it a habit of disrespecting me, verbally abusing me over the phone and hanging the phone on me whenever I voice my opinions on rates and percentages that we do not agree on.
  9. I have been threatened on many occasions that he will terminate our legal agreement if we refuse to work with George Wright, a third party, who has no attorney client privilege with him.  Mr. Wright has stolen deeds and valuables form my personal belongings.
  10.  For example, once I discovered that my valuables were stolen from my property, I took immediate action to ban George W Wright from my properties. In which,  Cllr Taylor responded that if I did not rectify some form of communication with the suspected thieve in question, he,  Cllr Taylor, would no longer represent The Samuel Kanyon Doe Sr. Estate.
  11. I want to go on record by noting that once I inquired regarding the return of my deeds, George Wright verbally threatened me by stating that I will have “4 months to live” if  I continue to inquire about my missing deeds. And this is the type of individual that Cllr Taylor continues to work him.  I no longer feel safe with Cllr Taylor and this individual working together so closely as such will be at the detriment of the Samuel Kanyan Doe, Sr. Estates and perhaps our lives.
  12. George Wright fraudulently obtained a letter as co-administrator of the Samuel Kanyon Doe estate which was discovered in 2018.  Cllr Taylor later justified his illegal action and said that there was ‘nothing wrong with George Wrights’ actions.’ Thus refusing to formally rectify this fraudulent action and notify the probate court or to print copies of his revocation letters as recent as October 2020.

I hereby respectfully request a thorough investigation into Cllr Taylor’s conduct and opening of all our cases, which we believe have mostly been damaged by Cllr Taylor.  In an age of egregious and unethical activities undertaken for personal aggrandizement, I would like him reprimanded with a suitable punishment consistent for all the breaches he has made over the years.  This situation has caused me great despair, embarrassment and unnecessary financial and emotional suffering.  It is important that we seek financial remedy for all the hardship endured over the years.

If any further information is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Nancy B. Doe

Former First Lady of the Republic of Liberia

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