LIBERIA: Family in Maryland Rejects Health Authority Claims Of Brother Fallen Prey To COVID-19

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Senior Correspondent | Maryland County |

The J J Dossen Hospital In Harper City, Maryland County

As the deadly Coronavirus rages on in Liberia, the Genekan family in Maryland County has harshly rejected claims by the County Health team that their brother died of the virus.

Recently the health team of the county tested positive of one Joe Genekah who later died, but the relative of Genekah have publicly rejected the report from the County Health Team of Maryland that their son died of the virus.

Narrating the family’s ordeal, the elder sister of the diseased said, their late brother was first taken to the J.J. Dossen Referral hospital in Harper, Maryland County on June 1, 2021, and diagnosed with a different sickness rather than COVID-19.

She explained they took him to the hospital as a hydro seed patient with no signs and symptoms of  the virus n and that the tests conducted by doctors and nurses proved negative of the virus.

“She continues that they arrived with the deceased at the hospital as a hydro seed patient after which several test was conducted by nurses and Medical Doctors but the deceased wasn’t showing any signs and symptoms of Covid-19, and his COVID-19 test done came negative” she alleged.

“So he was operated on that morning as a hydro see patient and both of us left the hospital the furthering day.

But after some days, the family has noticed that Joe( the deceased) condition was still getting worst and worsened because he was even experiencing large stomach so he was hurriedly rushed back to the hospital for the second time.

“When we got there, nurses again made quicker intervention, he was taken to a room for further attention” she said.

“But why in the room, he started crying complaining of his stomach and after few hours, two of the nurses ran out to us and pronounced about his death”.

“Although it was a serious setback to the family but the most critical and worrisome situation that got us angry was for the nurses at the hospital to tell us that he has died from Covid-19” she disclosed.

The sister of the diseased further explained that they were told by nurse that their brother has died from the Virus after the second test conducted;   something which she said the family members wasn’t aware of that a second COVID-19 test was done on the brother.

The diseased family further alleged that the late Joe Genekah didn’t died from coronavirus as be pronounced by health authorities in the County because he was first tested negative before being  operated on as hydro seed patient, how does the results change suddenly, the family of the 38 old asked?

They have excused the health authorities for the death of the son; alleging that it was their carelessness during the second operation that has resulted to their son death.

“Instead of they telling us the truth as health workers, they’re not because they have formulated lies that our son’s, my brother has died from Covid-19.”

“We know it’s far from the truth and it’s will never be truth because how can a person who has been tested negative, leave and come back just in one day and he/she again being tested positive” they questions.

“We know what this is happening simply because of monies, they want to falsely imposed Covid-19 cases on people in the county in order for the Ministry to send them more monies for their personal use” they stressed.

“We will not rest as family until the health authorities in the county provide more explanation about the death of our son” they demanded. When GNN contacted the County health officer, he promised to addressed the Press in another time.

However, the family actions comes just few days after the County recorded 13 out of it current 29 confirmed cases. According to Dr. Metheodius George, the increment in the cases of the Corona virus in the County is quite different from last year situation.

” So presently in Maryland County, we have confirmed 13 cases, initially it was three but for the past two to three days, 10 more cases has been added.

“Out of the 13 confirmed cases, six are in the County treatment unit, three has been discharged, three are home base depend on their signs and symptoms and one death.

The County health officer stressed that the sudden increment in the cases of the virus is mostly regretting because those cases are coming from the community.

He lauded the county health teams for the role played in tracking the recent cases of the COVID-19 as those patients were showing signs and symptoms most especially respiratory symptoms.

Dr. George continues that most of the recent cases are people who were brought to the emergency unit of the hospital and they have interacted with family and community dwellers.

“I am worry, although the County has a rapid diagnosis test that can give a results within 15 minutes and when a person is proving positive, their specimens will be taking to the defense unit and also to the national lab for respiratory test, we still need to encourage our people not to panic but rather to observe all health protocol.

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