LIBERIA: UL Professor Publishes Book on the Effect of Diplomacy … Liberia, U.S., China’s Triangular Relations

Prof. J. Moses Gray

A new skyline of practical intellectualism that enlightens the academic space wherein home-grown educators-men and women of letters, are intensifying the production of genuine and unique reading materials through the publication of high-pitch research books, are no longer being left to aliens to write for Liberians, and on Liberia, based the way they see fit and find exclusively pleasing and suitable to their whims.

This vigorous and fast moving revolution eclipsing the age-old dependency syndrome of having others outside our borders to do almost all of our intellectual works, is now gradually transforming into a serious challenge of vital partnership between home-based intellectuals and the outsiders; where Liberians will tell and write Liberia’s stories with a Liberian flavor.

As this lit torch is being set into content motion, one of Liberia’s promising authors and intellectuals, the Dean of Liberia College (College of Social Sciences and Humanities) and Associate Professor of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) Graduate School of International Studies, University of Liberia, Prof., Dr. Josephus Moses Gray has published his latest book.

The book titled: “The Effect of Diplomacy”, with the subtitle “Liberia, U.S. and China’s Triangular Relations”, has been peer reviewed and uniquely passed quality test, and now stands as a “milestone”, and “result-oriented”, based on proven scholarly writings and a profound studied.

The book characterizes the existing relationships among Liberia, China and the United States of America as “triangular” and offers a profound analysis of the trends and their implications of the three countries is published by and in the United States of America.

The instructive book details include 680 pages with ISBN-10: 1665522550, ISBN-13: 978-1665522557 and weight: 2.36 pounds with the dimensions of 5.98 x 1.44 x 9.02 inches. This book presents an in-depth, insightful analysis of critical issues on the continent and beyond.

These issues include Africa in international relations, the new scramble for the continent’s richer resources, and the core causes of poverty, corruption, bad governance and counter-terrorism in Africa. It also focused on the deep political “love” towards African governments and states by the United States and China.

The back cover of this instructive publication contains the Flag of Liberia which according to Dr. Gray, demonstrates his pastoralism and love for country, and as a means of projecting the nation’s image to the world, as his contribution and means of giving back  from a scholarly to the country and its people.

Apart from his deanship, Dr. Gray also teaches two research methodology courses including Comm 403 and English 431 at the undergraduate level, and POSC 613-Seminar in Decision Making in International Politics which is taught at the Graduate School. In the past, he also taught POSC 512: Government and Politics of Contemporary Africa, POSC 601-International Organizations and POSC 507: Survey of Comparative Politics. He has supervised about 70 master’s theses and two doctorate dissertation over the past five years.

The book which is put on sale by the two respected publishing houses also provides a vivid picture of Liberia, U.S. and China’s triangular relations, detailing of the three countries long standing bilateral and multilateral relationship.

It goes further to discuss few African states’ relations with China and the U.S. Both U.S. and China are the world’s two leading economic powers and are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with veto, and are competing actors on the international stage. In recent time the two countries have been engaged in a trade war, a situation which is having an adverse effect on global trade.

The latest publication traces the history of Liberia, U.S. and China’s triangular relations, their engagement in Africa and foreign aid towards African governments and states. The book highlights China and the U.S. presence in Africa and their engagement with African leaders, governments and nations and examines Liberia, U.S. and China’s diplomatic ties and the presence in US and China on the African continent.

The publication also detailed and evaluates the successes and challenges of Liberia’s foreign relations, covering the last seven decades from one regime and to the other, from the presidency of ex-president Joseph Jenkins Roberts to Madam Johnson-Sirleaf’s regime.

It also discusses the role of contemporary Liberian media and its impact on democratic governance and national development, and details the western media’s perception of Africa and how the global media have been able to dump negative news materials and information.

Interestingly, the book discussed the background of the author, Prof. Josephus Moses Gray, a native born Liberian, hails from the Southeastern Village of Kayken, Barclayville District in Grand Kru County.

Dr. Gray has achieved the highest level of academic mastery in his chosen field, and works as a university professor with impressive credentials including a Ph.D. (Summa Cum laude) in International Relations and Diplomacy from the CEDS University located at 37 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris, France.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication (Print Journalism) and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Liberia Graduate Program in International Studies. He also holds post-graduate diplomas and certificates in Foreign policy Studies, International Relations, Diplomacy, Print Journalism, Development Communication, Research Methodology, and Leadership from Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Beijing, China; Washington, D.C., USA; Cape Town, South Africa; Rabat, Morocco; Accra, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal and Monrovia, Liberia. He earlier served as Senior Policy Advisory to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, and as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute of Research for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies in Paris, France.

He has worked in several strategic positions in both public and private sectors including Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Foreign Minister for Public Affairs; Political Counselor at the Embassy of Liberia in Paris, France, and Charge d’ Affairs at Liberia Permanent Mission to the Swiss Confederation and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. It is worthwhile to order a hard cover or paperback copy to this unique publication; The Effect of Diplomacy- “Liberia, U.S. and China’s Triangular Relations.

Dr. Gray has authored and published dozens of peer-reviewed scholarly articles and two books and over 200 scholarly works in local and international journals, all these scholarly articles and books are all appropriate to academic disciplines and mostly used for scholarly work especially researchers at the master’s level.

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