As JIC Renders Judgement Against Judge Morgan, Amos Brosius Plead For Justice, Writes Supreme Court

Mr. Amos Brosius

Barely two weeks after the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) found Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan liable for allegedly committing several malpractices in the handling of the Petition for Accounting filed before the Commercial Court of Liberia by the Monrovia Oil Trading Company (MOTC), which Amos Brosius noted  resulted into unimaginable damages, pains and mental distress to him.

Mr. Brosius in his letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, His Honor Francis S. Korkpor, ad dated on April 19, 2021, and reference “Amos P.K. Brosius  vs Judge Eva Mappy Morgan,” said it was established during the investigation that an agreement between the MOTC and I to have Ducor Petroleum bank accounts, including account number: 0221215153401 at the LBDI, frozen and placed in the custody of the Commercial Court so as to prevent any of the disputing parties from having access to finances in Ducor Petroleum receivables and bank account pending the final determination of the Petition for Accounting was breached and the account depleted and all monies remain unaccounted for while in the custody of the Court,” Mr. Brosius’ letter to the Chief Justice noted.

Mr. Brosius in his letter also indicated that the monies in question remain unaccounted for up to present, adding, “That the JIC report declared that the Court orders dated July 23, 2013,  and July 24, 2013 which resulted in the depletion of monies from Ducor’s accounts while in the custody of the Commercial Court as being illegal and I am in total agreement with the JIC on the issue,” Brosius in his letter explained further.

Mr. Brosius conferring with a member one of his legal team

In his letter, Brosius expressed thanks and appreciation to the JIC for its work in revealing the truth about the malpractices that occasioned the proceedings in the Petition for Accounting that he said have caused he and his family ‘Untold pains and mental agony’.  In the letter to the Chief Justice, Brosius also said, “It is worth noting that some of the pains I have suffered for the past eight years as a direct consequence of malpractices committed in the Commercial Court against me, is that my children are often out of schools in Liberia for unpaid school fees while Her Honor Eva Mappy Morgan, Cllr. T. Negbalee Warner and MOTC officials educate their children abroad with wealth they have amassed to my detriment,” Mr. Brosius in his letter lamented.

Mr. Brosius in his 3-page letter reminded the Chief Justice that in his Amended Complaint to him (The Chief Justice) dated June 29, 2020 he mentioned that the total amount of US$3.352M has been depleted from its account. Concluding in his letter, Mr. Brosius said, “In view of the forgoing facts and circumstances, I kindly pray that the office of the Chief Justice will handle the return of his properties that the Commercial Court sold and the monies be returned into the account, the return of the monies into the account should be done in order for the Commercial Court to continue with the matter,” Mr. Brosius’ letter to the Chief Justice added.

In his communication to the GNN dated April 7, 2021, Mr. Amos P.K. Brosius, Sr. said “My attention has been drawn to a post on your platform captioned: ‘Amos Brosius Services were terminated long since.’

“In that post, you quoted one Mr. James Sirleaf as confiding in your staff on a number of issues which includes:

  1. That there was an alleged theft of petroleum products intended for BWI involving me and Morris Kanneh.
  2. That he (James Sirleaf) had proffered a so-called notarized Board resolution dated January 9th, 2013 to the effect that I was dismissed by a nonexistent Board of Directors for Ducor.

First the allegation of theft of petroleum products intended for BWI was part of several false allegations made by the MOTC and their hired politicians, Mr. James Sirleaf to incriminate me and hijack my company using his closed ties with Judge Eva Mappy Morgan, the disgraced Chief Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia.

Mr. James Sirleaf testified 9in Criminal Court ‘C’ to this allegation during trial at the Criminal Court ‘C’ in 2013 and he failed to provide any proof of his allegations and therefore, the court acquitted me on December 26, 2013 of all the charges leveled against me including his claims about an alleged theft of BWI products. See court document in your possession (GNN),” Mr. Brosius clarification to the GNN noted.

Meanwhile in our subsequent posting most of these documents will be published given clear picture the battle between the MOTC and Amos Brosius.

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