LIBERIA: Marcus Garvey Graduates Urge To Be Agent of Change

Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, President, Liberia National Bar Association

The Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) has urged Marcus Garvey Institute or MGI products to be the agent of change Liberians are yielding having been drilled through the rudiment of political consciousness for more than a year in its redemption from the current state of affairs.

Speaking Saturday, 03 April in Monrovia during the first cycle out-dooring programme of the Institute’s graduates, Tiawan Saye Gongloe, National Chairman of the Movement said the progressives are the only group people who capable of redeeming the country.

He said this is because progressives are conscious people and that consciousness builds a healthy nation for the betterment or greater good of the population or commoners who are the working class suffering from the nightmare of the state.

MGI is a development education training school run by the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA); a Pan African Movement which has been championing the cause for social justice or political consciousness for the working class globally for more than half of a century.

“If I die today, the progressive idea will continue to live on. There is no way we can transform Liberia or your live but through the idea of progressivism. As progressive, you have not seen neither heard my name been in the cookie jar,” Gongloe noted.

Therefore, he continued anybody who cheats Liberia must bear the penalty of their action because those during are draining the country and its people the desire growth to lift them out of poverty for the betterment of their livelihood.

He told the young graduates of the Marcus Garvey Institute that though progressivism is not a profession or career but is a way of life intended to conscioutize community for the greater good of the society.

“Because had it not been for the progressives’ idea you could not enjoyed freedom or free speech you are having today. Progressives are the only group of people who can change Liberia for the better and no any other can ever do that,” Gongloe noted.

Though not been specific with his comments it may have border on the current of wave corruption and human rights abuses in the country which continue eating the fabric of the Liberia denying it of the needed growth and development.

“My first wife divorced me because I refused to be corrupted. I was in Zimbabwe when she swept the entire house I never bothered because to be a cheat or corrupt is has never in my deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA, therefore, I will not do it to satisfy myself or anybody including my ex-wife,” Gongloe reflected.

To the out-d“My first wife left or divorced me because I refused to be corrupt mainly while serving in public service, be it as Solicitor General or Labor Minister. I was in Zimbabwe when she swept the house I never bothered.

“To be a cheat or corrupt is not in my deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA therefore I will not do it to satisfy anybody including my ex-wife,” Gongloe noted.

To the out-doorers, he admonished them to practicalize whatever they were taught during their stayed at the school to help built the consciousness of the working class by changing the narrative in Liberia which surely rest with the progressives.

“Your expression as young people educated me by strengthening my result that progressivism will not die in spite not been a profession or career but it is community programme meant to build the consciousness of the people,” MOJA chairman noted.

He went further that if he dies today, the progressive idea will still continue because it is only them who have the ability to transform lives through progressivism. “MOJA has trained lot of people with these kinds of thoughts.”

“We need to move forward but we must have a leader that can predict and only the progressives can do that. Since my birth or I got to know myself I have not joint any political party in Liberia and am not going to join any because all of these political parties root came from the progressives,” he said.

Gongloe believes reactionary political parties or individuals are unable to build or redeem Liberia because they can only unite after election and not before election. “Therefore, progressives need to continue to keep their idea alive as it go from generation to generation.”

“Progressives idea is far ahead of capitalism but the issue of inconsistent have made the movement zigzag, if not, Liberia would have been far ahead in term of development both in human capital and development rather than the reactionaries,” he said.

In their response, the graduates expressed their gratitude to the Marcus Garvey Institute or MGI for building their capacities during a vigorous cadres training programme which has sharpen their political consciousness for a better Liberia in the years ahead.

However, they urged the progressives to put behind the past and unite for the common good of the country as the population look to them for redemption because they are only group of Liberians who are capable of during such.

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