100 reasons why Liberian voters should NOT vote for any CDC candidate

By Martin K. N. Kollie* Activist and Columnist, martinkerkula1989@yahoo.com *

The Author, Martin K. N. Kollie

This is a laundry list for eligible voters in Liberia.  These hard truths are intended for Liberians, especially peasants, in shantytowns and rural hamlets to reflect and rethink. Ahead of December 8th polls, we must remind our people of how CDC and President GMW have miserably failed them in less than 3 years:

  • The gruesome murder of four (4) auditors
  • The kidnapping of three (3) children
  • The murder of Police Commissioner Alexander B. Saye
  • The self-immolation (burning) of Leroy Archie Ponpon 
  • The illegal impeachment of Justice Kabineh M. J’aneh
  • The poisoning of Min. Mabutu Vlah Nyenpan
  • The murder of Journalist Chris David in Bong Co.
  • Over 900 rape cases in less than a year
  • Increased ritualistic killings (more than 15 cases in 2 months)
  • The trafficking of more than 500 Liberian children
  • Illegal Referendum (Gross disrespect for Court’s ruling)
  • The misuse of US$30 million for “Food Aid”
  • The Passport Scandal (GbezohngarGate)
  • Stolen USAID stipend intended for WAEC students
  • 526,000 Liberians to become poorer in 2020 (World Bank)
  • Cancellation of “3 days free call”
  • Illegal hike in voice and data charges 
  • Increased permit fee for high schools (from US$50 to US$250)
  • The 419 Gold Star Airline (Lone Star Air)
  • “Buy your own CCTV Camera”, Weah’s rant
  • Cost of food (food inflation) averaging at an all-time high of 39.24% in 2020 from 13.48% in 2007
  • African Union (AU) Sanction
  • Confederation of African Football (CAF) Sanction
  • Liberia’s relegation at EITI, IMO, and MCC  
  • No hazard pay and benefit for health workers
  • The forceful retirement of 2,154 public employees
  • LRA missing taxes (over US$33m) in 2018 and 2019
  • The damning US$48.6 million COVID audit report
  • CARI Scandal, NPHIL Scandal, EPA Scandal, MFDP Scandal
  • The failed “free water” and “free electricity” package
  • The missing L$16 billion
  • The misuse of US$25 million intended for mop up
  • The misuse of US$2 million loan for SMEs (MOCI)
  • The murder of CBL employee Matthew Innis
  • The death of Journalist Zenu Miller and Journalist Tyron Brown
  • Lack of interest to establish a War and Economic Crimes Court (WECC)
  • Huge cut and continuous delay in salaries of civil servants especially ahead of this festive season
  • No benefit/pension for retired AFL soldiers and widows
  • The downsizing of 250 employees at MNG Gold Company in Bong
  • The downsizing of a total of 1,147 workers at Firestone Rubber Co. in Margibi since 2018
  • The downsizing of 440 employees at Golden Veroleum in Sinoe and Grand Kru in 2020
  • The downsizing of 800 employees at Arcelor Mittal in Bassa and Nimba
  • NHA – GELPAZ Corruption Scandal (US$500k Bribery)
  • Lack of LEC Transformers (No current in most parts of Monrovia and its environs)
  • Countless atrocities and human rights violations during State of Emergency amid COVID-19
  • The 419 Mineral Resource Swap, 1 million job fiasco, and FAKE Arab investors
  • The failed US$536.4 million ELTON Loan and US$420.8 million EBOMAF Deal
  • Coastal Highway and 6,000 Nigerian Teachers (Shameful LIES)
  • The promise to build a Twin City on Bhali Island (Another LIE)
  • The promise to construct 7 stadiums (Big LIE)
  • The construction of 2,000 housing units for West Pointers (Another LIE)
  • The promise to construct a 4-lane RIA road and the installation of 4,000 street lights (Pathetic LIES)
  • The establishment of an Agriculture Bank and a Food Bank (Tragic LIE)  
  • Weah’s threat to replace striking health workers with student nurses
  • The U.S. Public Designation against Significant Corruption in Liberia
  • The breeding of paramilitary gangs (Sabu Unit, Moscow Empire, Zebra Unit, etc.) and the premature recruitment of thugs into State security apparatuses. The attack on CPP leaders in Grand Gedeh and the latest burning of CPP candidate Simeon Taylor’s cars and CPP Representative Bob Sheriff’s house.
  • Hike in tuition and fees at various schools (sharp fall in enrollment rate)
  • 83 deaths from COVID-19 and 1,598 cases (public health crisis)
  • Very low budgetary support to academic institutions and health facilities across Liberia
  • Zero Direct Investment after 3 years (High cost of living)
  • The citizenship scandal involving expelled LNBA member Ndubusi Nwabudike
  • LPRC Fuel Spillage (harm to marine species)
  • The 4G passage of national budget
  • Closure of OXFAM, GIZ, Peace Corps, LDS, and other INGOs / NGOs due to poor economic climate
  • CDC Chairman Morlu’s damaging tape on Pres. GMW (abuse of women). Boima JV Boima’s startling revelation and his subsequent escape
  • Deplorable road condition in rural Liberia and elsewhere
  • Cut in budget of AFL from US$13.4m to US$1.9m and LNP from US$17.2m to US$1.1m
  • No money at commercial banks (Liquidity crisis – GOL still owes CB US$65m)
  • Increased hardship due to high unemployment (over 85%)
  • Attack on Press Freedom. Latest attack on journalist Gloria Tamba and journalist Ballah Zeze
  • The gross violation of 2014 Code of Conduct  (political appointees are campaigning, misusing public assets, and refusal to declare their personal assets)
  • The murder of German investor in Buchanan
  • Unauthorized usage of donor’s fund (9 embassies raised alarm)
  • “Liberia is unsafe (violent crime and armed robbery are prevalent)”, US Travel Advisory
  • Unknown and dubious sources of overnight wealth (estates and duplexes) owned by Pres. GMW and his confidants
  • The abandonment of Liberian students abroad and the consistent attack on Diaspora Liberians by pro-CDC stooges
  • CDC-Sponsored Violence in District 9, District 13, District 15, and District 16
  • High COVID-19 testing fee (US$75) for travellers amid economic decline
  • More Than Me Rape Scandal (No outcome to date) and the rape of Jestina Taylor
  • The Kingsville Shooting, View Point (72nd) Killing, and random death of public officials
  • Increasing rift between Pres. GMW and VP Taylor. Jewel recently snubbed Weah in Bong
  • Poor score (48.9%) on Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2020
  • Unfair treatment and verdict against IMO Isaac Jackson and family
  • Denial of operational license to Punch FM 106.7 and illegal shutdown of Voice FM 102.7
  • Hike in transport fare (e.g. L$50,000 to and fro Maryland)
  • Poorest Country on earth (USA Today 2020 Report)
  • Usual crackdown on peaceful protesters (internet shutdown, tear gas, brute force, etc.)
  • Sharp increment in total debt stock (From US$874.1m under EJS to US$1.5b under GMW)
  • Clar Weah has got US$2.7 million of public taxes amid rape
  • US$3.4m for over 3.3 million youths while Weah’s office has US$10.8m, EPS US$7.1m, and NSA US$7.8m
  • Liberia declined from 175 to 177 on Human Development Index (HDI)
  • 31% inflation, -2.5% growth rate, largest budget shortfall US$225.5m, and US$101.1m fall in inward remittances. GOL continues to borrow millions only to consume and not to invest.
  • Eighth (8th) unhappiest country (UNDP)
  • Worst Country to do business (FORBES Magazine). Increased tariffs and trade barriers.  
  • Twelfth (12th) Hungriest Country on earth (Global Hunger Index)
  • Weah and confidants have violated almost all of our laws including our Constitution
  • 419 PAPD Promises: Free medical services for citizens beyond age 70, construction of 2 mental health centers, construction of a sport academy, and subsidy program for persons with disabilities, etc.
  • Gross incompetence, rampant corruption, massive labor abuse, ethnicity, misplaced priorities/appointments, (corrupt Legislature, compromised Judiciary, and Zero Executive)
  • The vicious chase of activists, voices of dissent, and perceived political enemies into exile
  • Most CDCians, as well as Liberians, still remain unemployed, enraged, and vulnerable after 3 years. No hope.

I hope these 100 reasons will inform our people’s perspective and decision on Dec. 8. Vote against all CDC candidates. CDC and GMW have failed you. They do not deserve another chance. It is time for Liberian voters to pay them back through their ballots. Before CDC and GWM can begin year 4 on January 22nd, 2021, I will publish 1,000 reasons why Pres. George Weah should step down and/or be impeached.

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is an exiled Liberian activist, columnist, and emerging economist. He fled to exile due to Pres. Weah’s dictatorship.

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