Ivorian Rights Activist Accuses President Ouatarra Of His Alleged Link With Rep Zoe Pennue

Steve Bico I’ouragan accusing Ivorian President

In a video widely circulating on social media, particularly on YouTube, the Ivorian human rights activist identified as Steve Bico I’ouragan, has allegedly accused the Ivorian leader, President Alassane Ouattara  for his alleged link with Grand Gedeh County District #1 Representative, Emmanuel Zoe Pennue.

The Ivorian activist also accused the President of masterminding the arrest of Ivorian Krahns who sought refuge in Liberia during the Ivorian civil war.

I’ouragan Bico alleged how Representatives Pennue has recruited 866 mercenaries from the stronghold of former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, to carry out clandestine activities in the Ivory Coast, but declined to state clearly the clandestine activities being mentioned.

These revelations seems to confirm many speculations amongst the Krahn people that Representative Zoe Pennue has been working with former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Ivorian counterpart allegedly against the people of Grand Gedeh County.

In 2013, twenty one Grand Gedeans, along with several Ivorian citizens, were again arrested by the Sirleaf government for allegedly being involved in the Ivorian conflict.

It was again widely rumored within the Grand Gedeh community that these arrest were masterminded by Representative Pennue whose brother, Sampson Pennue, was serving as the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) in Grand Gedeh at the time.

Many Grand Gedeans are saying now they know where Zoe Pennue has been getting his money from all these years to influence election outcomes in the county.

If this new revelation is true, then the saying that the most dangerous enemy is the one within has never been more true.

Despite several attempts by this outlet to reach out to Representative Zoe Pennue again failed, a situation that compelled this write to have no other alternative by to publish this story with the full detain of the video captured below. The transcription of this video from French to English will be published in our subsequent posting.

Investigation continues


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