Native Doctor Who Is Exposing Witches and Wizards In Grand Kru County Says He Will Obey His Bosses To Relax

Native Doctor Tamba Bundo

The native doctor, Tamba Bundo who is currently in Grand Kru County exposing people who said to be linked to witchcraft activities, and killing innocent people says he will obey his bosses at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Traditional Council of Liberia, but declared that he has been licensed and given letter to practice by the Traditional Council of Liberia through the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Speaking in an interview with the GNN over the weekend in Picnicess, Grand Kru County, native doctor Bundo displaying his certificate before our reporter, said he is doing his job as required by law, and said a letter from the Ministry approving his work in the County is in the possession of the Superintendent of the County, Madam Doris N. Ylatun.

This is the certificate given by the Traditional Council of Liberia for Tamba Bundo to operate

According to him, his operation in Picnicess was halted, noting that critics of his operation alleged that he was illegally in the county to  citizens and residents of the community which he said prompted the Minister of Internal Affairs and the leadership of the Traditional Council of Liberia to halt the process.

The license in the possession of this outlet shows that Tamba Bundo was licensed on the 18th day of March AD 2020, recommended by Chief Swen Wleh as well as been approved by the Chief of the Traditional Council of Liberia Chief Zanzan Karwo.

When contacted the Grand Kru County Superintendent madam Doris Jlatun via phone, as to whether she is in possession of  Mr. Bundo’s permit, she confirmed, and said she will not run her office in the media.

For his part, Alphonso Nyenmoh the spokesman representing the Picnicess community on August 24, 2020 appealed to the local county authority and the county’s Legislative Caucus to help in talking or having dialogue with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to grant or allow Tamba to continue his work in Picnicess and the County.

He said the people of the county foresee genocide in that community if the herbalist is not allowed to perform the traditional rite he have started adding that this might leave some families to go into extinction, adding, “The people have already started fleeing the community for fear of their lives,”  he said

He commented that “What is the stance of the government into this matter as the lives of the majority in Picnicess are in danger knowing that the government is establish to protect lives and property.”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is now left with the decision to allow Tamba Bundo to continue his operation in that part of Grand Kru.

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