LIBERIA: TU President says Agriculture is a remedy to the University financially problems

From E. Varney Kamah | GNN Correspondent | Maryland County |

Tubman University President, Dr. Elliot Wreh Wilson

In the wake of low budgetary allotment to the University due to Economy hardship face by the Weah-led administration, the President of the William VS. Tubman University vows to uplift the institution financially through their 500 acres Farmland in Barrobo, Maryland County Electoral District #3.

The Williams Vs Tubman University is a government second run University located in the Southeastern part of Liberia.

Since it University status Under the Administration of former  Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and its first President Dr. Elizabeth Davies Russell in 2009, it  has graduated over  thousand plus students from its six colleges namely; the colleges of Arts and Sciences ,Engineering and Technology, College of Administration and Management others are College of Agriculture and Food Science, College of Education  and the College of Health Sciences with Degree.

Despite  the huge numbers of students the University have graduated and continue to except during every semester due to the pronounced of the  free tuition by his Excellence George Mannah Weah the University still worried about low and delayed budgetary allocation from goverment; something which the  Univereity President  says can be gnore if the University  begins to utilized it 500Acres of Farmland in Barrobo, Maryland County  Electoral District #3.

Addressing a  news conference Monday, August 17, 2020, President Wreh Wilson said thought their are many constraints confronting the institutions among which is low budgetary allocation and delayed in the payment of  funds from Donors; Cavalla Rubber Plantation(CRC), Maryland Oil Palm Plantation(MOPP) and Golden Verolum Liberia (GVL) that has their scholarship students at University Campus.

According to him since his appointment as President of University over two years, there have been financial challenges at the institution, thought he claims that the University is government second run but it can’t relax only on government for all it financial challenges.

He said though the government plays important role in the University because they have built the buildings and paid salaries for its Professor and Lectures but the University administration shouldn’t expect for the government to do everything.

Dr. Elliot Wreh Wilson continued that since the government can’t do  everything, his two and half year plans as President has been about delivering the institution through the mean of Agriculture.

He added that the institution has been blessed to have had a 500acrs of farmland that was willingly given to the University by the people of Barrobo and they begun planting Cassava and Palm Apple.

Dr. Wilson disclosed that though the cassava and palm Apple has been productive but it can’t make the University to achieved it goal; something which he terms as major reason for their plans to enlarging the farm through Cocoa Production.

The William VS. Tubman University President added that doing his recent visit to the Monrovia, he held a discussion with the Minister of Agriculture and she has promised to pay a visit to the County very soon to see the Farm.

He furthered that the University currently has about two miles of cocoa being place  already on  Nurseries at the 500acres given to them by the people Barrobo.

“We have  already  2miles of cocoa  on Nurseries and we hope in the next 2-3 or 4 years to come the university will start harvesting cocoa” he disclosed.

“You know cocoa makes more money that the Cassava and palm Apple that the university have started couldn’t do”

The palm Apple and Cassava process that which have started years back were just catering to those base needs of the People on the farm, like buying of gasoline for their bikes, Fuels for their Generator.

But the Cocoa production, will be a large business that the University can accommodate more incomes from, looking at it economy values of cocoa on the world market.

President Wilson disclosed that the government under his Excellence George Manneh Weah have  permitted the University to haire few persons seeing the dream of the institution.

He lamanted that  the University by permission from the government has haired about 6-8 graduates from the College of Agriculture and Food Science to supervise the farm; something which President Wilson noted that in few years to come the University will start harvesting its cocoa.

The President added that though TU Farm is establish mostly for income generation but it will also serve as  research area for those students at the college of Agriculture and food Science, as agriculture purposely for farming busines

President Wilson noted that though Agriculture is farming  that which is mostly about planting, there is a need for Agriculture Students to acquire added knowledges.

He noted that there is bigger plans on the way by the College of Agriculture and Food Science at the University to begins suporting the Costs which will provide some necessary equipments like Tractors and others Machinery that Students will have assert to doing the studies at the University.

The William VS. Tubman University President explained that  the department on higher Education on service have grant the requests to offer graduates Program despite the little of  two hundred and fifty  thousand united states Dollars being allocated for the University.

He’s however called on the National government and meaningful Liberians including Professor and Lectures of the University to work hard in other to see the dream of the  University through it Agricultural farm  coming to reality.

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