MIA Dispatches Traditional Herbalist To Grand Kru County Amid  Widespread Witchcraft Activities

From Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent| Grand Kru County|

Flash Back: President Weah in a chat with Varney Sieleaf, Minister Internal Affairs

Due to the increase in continual witchcraft activities which including the killing of innocent people through ritualistic purposes  in the southeastern county of Grand Kru, the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Internal Affairs has with immediate effect ordered a license traditional herbalist to probe the causes of mysterious disappearances and ritualistic killings in the County.

According to our Correspondent in the County, residents of the county recently petitioned the national government to look into the increased disappearances of their citizens, and the growing wave of ritualistic killing of innocent people in the County, and bring to book those involves in such activities, despite ban imposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs sasswood or traditional practices.

In July of this year, residents of the Picnicess Community petitioned the government of Liberia through the local County administration in order to find solutions to this old age nightmare or traditional habits in the area; the killing of innocent citizens for ritualistic purposes.

The petition read by Alphonso Nyenmoh at the Administrative Building in Barclayville, called for the ugly situation which he noted has not only put everyone in a state of total fear, but is also scaring away investors including visitors and want the government to find amicable remedy to their plights.

Picnicess citizens in their petition said they are tired of the Continuous wave of Ritualistic Killings and the mysterious disappearances of their citizens and other residents in the County.

The protest by residents of the county and backed by the petition was triggered by the recent mysterious death of a class room teacher and Catechist Joseph Nyanplu who went missing while on a fishing expedition on June 30, 2020.

The Picnicess Residents claimed that 50 peoples have died in similar fashion in recent times and called on the government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs to help cleanse the area from ritualistic activities, with aid from a Traditional Country doctor identified as Tamba Bondo.

Grand Kru Superintendent Doris Ylatun Assured Protesters at the time of Government Swift Action. He expressed condemnation over the wave of ritualistic killings and mysterious disappearances in Picnicess and vowed the government commitment to take appropriate actions to bring the situation under control.

It can be recalled in May of 2018, a 75 year old commissioner went missing up to present his location is unknown.

Also in March of this year, two men went on fishing extradition in the area, they are yet to be seen and several other instances.

For his part, Tamba Bondo the traditional herbalist is currently in Picnicess, Grand Kru County with consent of the local authorities through a letter from the Internal Affairs Ministry to carry out his traditional performance that will put an end to the devilish acts in the area.

Speaking to team of Journalists on Saturday August 15 2020 in Picnicess, Mr. Tamba Bondo said he has come to wash the land planted by people believed to be witchcraft.

Traditional herbalist Bondo indicated that the government of Liberia is aware of his traditional performance in the county based on request made by residents of Picnicess community to deliver their area from ritualistic activities and expose those who behind the alleged act.

Mr. Bondo is encouraging communities that are seeking traditional delivery like the Picnicess community to kindly call upon him as he currently in Grand Kru County.

However, Mr. Bondo is expected to will begin his official works on Monday August 17, 2020 and called citizens of the two witness his performances.

Herbalist Bondo has been in almost all parts of Sinoe County exposing alleged witches and telling them what they have done or what they are dealing with in the area and he expected to do the same in Picnicess Grand Kru County.

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