LIBERIA: As Daykeay’s Bid Gains Momentum, As Fear Grips Contenders

Grand Bassa County Senatorial Aspirant Emmanuel Djujay Daykeay

Fear is said to have gripped politicians in the Grand Bassa County Special Senatorial race, while the momentum of Liberian Educator, Emmanuel Daykeay continues to grow.

The Special Senatorial Election, which was constitutionally scheduled for October this year, was rescheduled to December 8, 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis which hit the country since March 16.

The swelling of Dr. Daykeay’s supporters comes on the heel of recent statement by former county superintendent Madam Julia Duncan-Cassell, that “Bassaians” should not elect anyone without tangible in the county.

It could be recalled that while addressing her inaugural press conference upon her return to the country from the USA, the former Grand Bassa County administrator and former Minister of Gender clearly stated that she would not support anyone based on party, relationship or feminist line, but rather on tangible, thus suggesting that citizens of the county must do same.

In that line, Liberian educator, who earned his Doctorate degree from the Grand Crayon University in the United States of America(USA), is credited for being the first and only citizen of that county to establish a private college; the Vision College.

Since its establishment, the Vision College, being the first and only privately run institution of higher learning, has provided and continues to provide quality education to citizens of Bassa and nearby counties.

Accordingly, since the pronouncement by Dr. Daykeay, who is also a former President of the Association of Liberian University (ALU) to contest the county’s biggest political seat, several Bassaians have welcomed the idea and vowed to support him.

Since the pronouncement, it is gathered that the Daykeay’s camp has organized series of town hall meetings with high attendance than imagine and with several pledging their unflinching support to him.

This is said to have raised fear among other challengers for the seat, especially so as his name is being mentioned on leading talk shows and various quarters of the public that he is a major contender.

Dr. Daykeay, in a recent interview with this paper via mobile phone, said he is joining the race to bring political redemption to the people of Grand Bassa and Liberia at large.

He noted that his ascendancy to the Upper House of the Liberian Legislature will bring numerous benefits to the people of Grand Bassa and the country in general.

The Liberian educator pointed out that when elected as Senator comes 2020, he will ensure that the county’s resources or wealth are used for the benefits of the local people by instituting laws that promote the growth and development of local economy, while at the same time ensured that already existing laws seek the welfare of the ordinary population are adhered to.

“I am not coming to the Liberian Senate just to make some money for myself. I am coming there to support the agenda of my people. The agenda for development at the level of the county,” said the Liberian educator.

“And again, our presence at the Liberian Senate is not just going to be benefiting to the people of Bassa, but the entire country, because laws that we are going to proffer will be for the good of the Liberian society,” indicated Dr. Daykeay.

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