LIBERIA: Porkpa District In political Chaos-Citizens Calls for Intervention

Mark Rogers | GNN Correspondent | Grand Cape Mounty County

Cape Mountaineers across the county have advanced an urgent peace and reconciliation talks between three lawmakers of the county and the County Assistant Superintendent for Development.

There are reports of total disunity among Senator Victor Watson, Representative Emerson Kamara, Representative Bob Sheriff and Assistant Superintendent for Development Boima Kamara.

Representative Emerson Kamara represents District 3, why Representative Bob Sheriff represents District 1 in the county.

The reason for their disunity is yet to be clear but it is said that their action is impeding development and causing more harm to the forward match of the county.

The two representatives, the senator and the development superintendent, are all sons from Porkpa District, Grand Cape Mount County.

Those Cape Mountaineers who made the called, wants the urgent intervention of the inter-religious council of the county, elders and chiefs council, civil society organizations including the peace council.

Commenting on who to facilitate this process, calls were all directed to District Two Representative Mambu Sonii to underwrite the initiative and they are suggesting that it should be held now or else Porkpa will continues to have chaos among the supporters and followers of those three lawmakers.

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