LIBERIA: Man, 46, Kills Girlfriend; Commits Suicide

Flash Back: Man in handcuff on his way to prison

SINOE COUNTY, (LINA) – A 46-year-old man identified as Robert Dogmah on Sunday, July 19, killed his girlfriend with a single barrel shotgun while she was taking her bath and subsequently took his own life.

According to Bill Pyne, Inspector of Police in Tarjouwon District, the couple had gone to the Plandialebo Mount Calvary Baptist Church at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 19, to settle a dispute.

The 50-year-old victim, Susannah Wannyo’noh Wah, had informed the church leadership that her boyfriend was engaged in extra-marital affairs and had impregnated another woman.

Police said during the church investigation, the late Dogmah admitted impregnating another woman and asked the clergymen to plead with his lover to pardon him.

The late Susannah, according to police report, accepted the appeal from the clergymen and went home with her boyfriend at about 9:00 p.m.

Inspector Pyne narrated that when the couple returned home, the late Susannah went to take a shower, and while in the process her fiancé Dogmah shot her dead.

After killing his girlfriend, Dogmah turned the same gun on himself, the police Inspector explained.

The General Town Chief of Plandialebo, Mr. Josiah K. Menjay, said since 2015 when the late Dogmah moved to the community and befriended Susannah, an indigene of the area, they have been surviving mainly through farming and hunting.

“From the time he entered this town and our daughter introduced him, I have not settled any palava between them or heard of one,” Chief Menjay added.

The Chief disclosed that the single barrel shotgun that Dogmah used to destroy himself and his girlfriend was purchased by the late Susannah’s daughter, the Dogmah’s stepdaughter.

He pointed out that the death of the couple was astonishing to residents of Plandialabo, as such incident was strange to the community and its residents.

Chief Menjay vowed to put to a halt strangers bearing guns and engaging in hunting activities in the area, stressing, “We will not allow any stranger to go hunting in the bush or cutting palm unless you seek authority.”

Pastor John Banyon of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Plandialabo informed citizens that Susannah Wah on Friday, July 16, paid him a visit to lodge a complaint against her boyfriend for impregnating another woman, something she objected and therefore wanted the church’s intervention instead of the court.

Pastor Banyon said he and his clergymen decided to have a peaceful dialogue immediately after the Sunday service, but could not due to Mr. Dogmah’s absence from service.

This, he said, caused them to postpone the discussion to 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening that day.

During the dialogue, Mr. Dogmah, in the presence of his deceased girlfriend and the pregnant woman, admitted cheating on Susannah and pleaded with the church leaders to join him in asking his girlfriend for pardon, a request the late Susannah accepted, the Pastor said.

Pastor Banyon said after the peaceful dialogue he escorted the couple to their residence, which is about two minutes’ walk away from the church, a before he proceeded home, “only to hear the next morning that the couple is dead.”

The late Robert Dogmah, commonly called Robert Mugabe, was a farmer, hunter and contractor with Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), an oil palm concessionaire in the area.

He lived in Plandialabo for about five years, where Susannah Wah was born, and spent the rest of her life engaged in farming for survival.

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