Security Forces In Sierra Leone Open Fire On Protesters In Makeni

There are disturbing reports coming from Makeni in the north of Sierra leone, where military personnel have fired teargas and live bullets at local people protesting against the government’s removal of an electricity power generator from the city to relocate to the town of Lungi

According to eyewitnesses, at least one person has been shot dead.

This shooting comes just weeks after the resident minister for the region – Abu Abu openly threatened to shoot anyone in the northern town of Lunsar where youths went on the rampage after a dispute with the local paramount chief.

The removal of electricity generators from one part of the country by the current government to meet the needs of other parts –  is becoming all too familiar and worrying.

One report this afternoon says: “Running battles continue in the Northern City of Makeni between irate youths protesting the removal of a 1MW Caterpillar generator by the Electricity Generating and Transmission Company (EGTC) and police firing gun shots and canister tear gas.

“It all started last night when news broke around the city that a team had arrived at the powerhouse to remove the said generator to Lungi. EGTC official said they had had prior consultations with local authorities regards the said movement of the generator.

“As the situation escalate there is report of some youths fired at with fire rounds. The ruling party office on Yiks Road in Makeni is reported damaged by irate youths.”

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