Rice Gradually Becoming To Disappear On The Liberian Market, As Liberians Express Concern

By our Reporter |

Flash Back: Rice being stored at a local dealer’s shop

RICE is a staple of the Liberia diet, once one has not eaten it in a day’s time whether he or she ate surplus of any other food, they will complain of hunger, so this diet over the years has caused uprising due its lack in Liberia.

The story of April 14, 1979 rice riot will never be forgotten even though Liberians have vowed never to go back to those dark days, but rather to live peacefully despite of any situation. However, some market women including wholesale dealers have alarmed over the surreptitious shortage of the country staple food.

Our reporter who toured various markets in Monrovia and its environs noticed that the shortage of RICE at most of the business centers is becoming visible as many have begun to complain of the shortage of it.

As the news of the shortage of the product became to spread like bushfire, some of those who currently have the product have begun to secretly keep it in order to profiteer whenever it cannot be found.

Even though, the Ministry of Commerce has denied any shortage of the product on the Liberian market, many are expressing frustration over its pending shortage, and further prayed that this news of its shortage will not be a reality.

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