Several Employees At Bridge Int’l Troop To Labor Ministry, Call For Investigation Into Alleged Sexual Harassment 

Three employees including two Liberians and a Kenyan have complained to the Ministry of Labor accusing the management of Bridge International of what they employees called as ‘Bad Labor Practices’, backed with sexual allegation linking with the Country Director, Griffin Asigo allegedly been linked.

Recently three Liberians and one Kenyan, in separate communication to Bridge owner Shannon May, have called for a full scale investigation into how a nurse, having sexual romance with Griffin Asigo, a Kenyan Country Director was elevated to Director of Schools within the company and has since shown everyone huge disrespect and arrogance.

The employees said it is unethical for Mr. Asigo to be dismissing several professionals but at the same time hiring a nurse, Corina Totimeh, for a role she’s totally unqualified for, adding, “Bridge is a 100% educational program and not a hospital or clinic, so it’s unfortunate for Mr. Asigo to be promoting his girlfriend over qualified Liberians,” one of the four employees stated.

The Bridge Headquarters in Kenya has vehemently refused to launch an investigation and at the same time to respond to inquiry forwarded to the institution headquarters by our staff in connection to the allegation.

Based on all of these allegations leveled against Bridge International Management, GNN nearly a week ago emailed the senior staff at Bridge Headquarter to ascertain the facts regarding the allegation being leveled against the Country Director of Bridge about his alleged sexual acts on some female employees at the entity.

Up to presence, the Bridge management is yet to respond to the inquiry of the GNN, a situation that has created serious doubts on the alleged sexual harassment, and labor practices at Bridge.

GNN’s enquiry to the Bridge was to answer as to whether they have these communications in their possession and have they ever investigated the grave allegations as it is fresh in Liberians’ minds how a romance in the place of work stalled progress at More Than Me.

According to GNN investigation, several kids were reportedly been molested, quoting testimonies of those who spoke to this news outlet who narrated that  eventually led to a protest and subsequent shutdown of the company in Liberia.

Like More Than Me, Bridge International Country Director is now elevating his girlfriend according to the employees at the detriment of qualified Liberians; other ladies are falling victims to similar action, according to other reports gathered.

To be School’s Director within Bridge International, one must attain a BA or MA in Education same as being CEO or DEO in Liberia. Unfortunately, someone who should only work in a hospital is now running an educational brand. The role for School’s Director was never advertised and the candidate never vetted, simply given in the bedroom.

“It is regrettable that expatriates who should bring better knowledge to transform education, will be here with limited qualifications as Griffin Asigo who has a BA in Anthropology and now hiring a nurse as school director, something totally unacceptable,” one of the complainants stated.

The continuous action to ignore complainants and at some point make a party one of the investigators, speaks volumes as to why this international brand will down play issues that border on morality.

Education Minister Prof. D. Ansu Sonii is yet to respond to some of these grave allegations within the Bridge School system that are eroding progress within the entity. The Ministry is yet to launch an investigation into the matter which is expected to be highly exacerbated given its nature.

Details will follow.


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