NEW THINKING: If Joe Biden is a Devil, Then Show Me Your Angel

By Joe Bartuah |857-269-9011|

Former US Vice President, Joe Biden

Once again, the anti-democratic elements of the American society who camouflage themselves in varied forms, but coalesce in their attempts to deprive more American voters their inalienable rights are going at it in earnest. A coterie of corrupt oligarchs, demagogue and their agents, who are bent on cunningly manipulating the democratic process, in their feeble attempts to confuse the vast majority of voters, have clandestinely begun coalescing to deter American voters’ determination to restore decency and integrity in the nation’s public service. In the past, this same group of anti-democratic elements had succeeded on some occasions, but this time around, I hear a majority of American voters saying, “You can fool some of the people sometimes, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.”

For example, in 1988, they succeeded in derailing then Colorado Senator Gary Hart’s burgeoning presidential campaign, through farcical stories centering around marital infidelity. They would unleash whatever in their arsenal to hijack a normal democratic process in which the majority of voters are supposed to decide the outcome of an electoral process. Of course, they usually utilize multiple techniques in their tool box. Gerrymandering—egregiously demarcating of an electoral district with a subtle, or manifest racial/ethnic underpinning in order to give their racist candidates perpetual electoral advantage–is one of their tactics. They also deploy tailor-made anti-democratic social media propaganda to purposely discourage, deter potential voters from casting their ballots. Another tool at their disposal is that their agents resort to frivolous excuses to deny voters, especially minority voters, their constitutional right to vote. Moreover, they would also pelt all sorts of filth on a potential candidate, especially a formidable candidate to see which one would stick. In the same 1988 elections, after preying on Gary Hart earlier, they also cynically crafted a political commercial, portraying the Democratic presidential nominee that year, Governor Mike Dukakis of Massachusetts as being soft on crime.

Already, almost everybody is aware that sometime last year, “a perfect call” was placed to the Ukrainian leadership so as to criminalize Hunter Biden’s legitimate job with a Ukrainian company. Reason? Because his dad, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was being perceived as a formidable candidate among the 24 presidential aspirants of the Democratic Party. As it turned out, the so-called “perfect call” was in no way perfect as its perpetrators had initially portrayed it and of course, it eventually resulted in the third impeachment process in the 244-year history of the United States. That surreptitious scheme having dissipated, the anti-democratic forces have been desperately scavenging for a new narrative which, in the figment of their imagination, they believe, would resonate with American voters, so as to retain the torturous status quo, but I hear the people say, “No, way; enough is enough!”

This time around, the incredible narrative is that 27 years ago, Joe Biden was overwhelmed by the creepy devils of masculinity to the extent that he assaulted a young lady in the gym of the Capitol in Washington, DC. Even though the then Senator from Delaware was relatively younger (51 years) and robust at the time, having been so besieged by the masculine devils–traits that are at times ascribed to some undesirable elements from the lowest stratum  of society–the only courage that the Senator could muster at that time, as the narrative goes, was that his fingers resorted to feeble dalliances–foraying into the young lady’s forbidden territory downstairs. Of course, under any circumstances, that would be a despicable, deplorable and above all else, a criminal act, if indeed, such heinous act had been carried out by anybody, notwithstanding the person’s status in society.

However, former Vice President Joe Biden has vehemently denied the young lady’s allegations, which took at least 26 years before she made it public. Her name is Tara Reade; some people know her as Alexandria McCabe and yet, others have known her over the years as Tara McCabe. Not only that the former long-serving Delaware Senator (37-year veteran of the Senate), the former two-term Vice President has strongly denied Ms. Reade’s allegations, but the accuser’s credibility and her motive are being increasingly questioned. Multiple media reports have pointed to Ms. Reade’s colorful past and as of this writing, her lawyer has even abandoned her.

There is concurrence among criminal justice and legal experts that just as crimes have motives, so, too, accusations do indeed, have motives. From all indications, this singular accusation has a motive; its timing is suspect, because it’s surfacing at a time when the good people of the United States are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the restoration of normalcy and decency in public service. It comes at a time when the indispensable structures of democracy are brazenly under siege, being horrifyingly smashed, so that authoritarian patronage would take root. So clearly, this allegation is primarily aimed at upholding the status quo. Of course, such egregious motive was confirmed by the accuser, Tara Reade in her May 7, 2020 interview with Megyn Kelly. When asked whether her accusation, which took at least 26 years to see a daylight, was not politically motivated, Ms. Reade, 56, emphatically said, “Everything is political”, thus implying that if Joe Biden had not been a formidable nominee of the Democratic Party on the verge of a volcanic victory on November 3, 2020, this incredulous accusation wouldn’t have come to light. She then had the shameless audacity to call on Joe Biden to drop out of this crucial presidential race, as if making a frivolous accusation, which is yet to withstand the impartial test of scrutiny and credibility has given her certain authority to be a kingmaker.

Not surprisingly since Ms. Reade made her allegation several months ago, some Republican politicians and their affiliated media outlets have deemed it expedient to hype it, apparently assuming that it would resonate with American voters to their advantage. One of them even went as far as accusing “the mainstream media” of not being keen on covering Ms. Reade’s accusation as they did, according to him, when then Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh was accused by Prof. Christine Blassey-Ford. But as it’s often said, when you point an accusing finger at somebody, your four remaining fingers are pointing back at you. What that particular GOP politician—Senator—failed to be honest about is that he, too, has known Joe Biden much longer than he even knew Bret Kavanaugh and he was not so vociferous in defending Biden as he had so vehemently defended his then Associate Justice nominee at the time. If you were elected to the Senate in 1985 and worked with Joe Biden for 24 years before he became Vice president in 2009, you can’t honestly tell the world that you don’t know him, as opposed to a young guy who was merely a congressional aide that you so passionately defended his character amid multiple accusations at the time. Moreover, as vice president of the United States, Joe Biden was, in consonance with the constitution, president of the Senate over which you preside as Majority Leader. What then shackles you from publicly defending Biden’s character other than a political cyst?

As I see it, if this anemic accusation is being orchestrated to somehow portray the former vice president as a misogynistic devil, I robustly challenge its purveyors to show me their flawless, immaculate political angel who is so unblemished with a perfect record. If they show me their angel, I, too, will show them a man who has over the years, been overwhelmed by incredulity of his deeds. They should show me, just show me that flawless political angel and if they convince me, I’ll then show them a man who, as a 59-year-old grandfather, would gleefully brag about unsuspectingly preying on and grabbing other people’s wives, other people’s sisters, their daughters, nieces, aunts, fiancées, among others, by their private parts, just because he believed then and still probably believes now, that he’s a “star”, and therefore, he can do whatever he likes with impunity.  If they actually succeed in convincing me about their impeccable political angel, I would then point at a man with a gigantic moral baggage, who weirdly connotes stardom with creepiness.

The Tara Reade accusation comes at a time when the indispensable structures of democracy are brazenly under siege, being savagely smashed, so that epic authoritarianism can be grafted on the American democratic system. It’s aimed at upholding the status quo. Because I’m suspicious of the political motive of this accusation, I humbly insist that until you convincingly show me that a political angel who has a moral standing, political, administrative acumen and orientation and is therefore, better than Joe Biden, considering the endless melodrama the American society has endured in the past three and a half years, I’ll still stick with Joe. Why? My reason is simple: because at this particular point in time, he’s THE BEST HOPE for restoring America’s manifest position in global affairs, so that humanity can breathe a sigh of repite.

Yes, character, propriety, integrity and honesty do really matter, because power absolutely corrupts. Since we’re all aware that power corrupts, we therefore ought to assess our leaders’ and potential leaders’ character fairly and squarely across the board. In other words, we must all honestly muster the courage in dispensing a modicum of impartiality in carrying out such holistic assessment. Again, the finger-pointing adage comes to mind. Just point a finger at somebody and rest assured that the rest would point back at you. This goes without saying that in 2016, if multiple allegations of sexual improprieties, voluntary confession of being a serial sexual predator did not serve as sufficient credential for instantaneous disqualification for the presidency, or did not in any way deter American voters from casting their ballots for the candidate who had made that outrageous confession, then why now? What then is the motive of rocketing a seemingly anemic allegation lacking in any convincing evidence beyond all reasonable doubts? Is it aimed at ensuring accountability, or is it being orchestrated to unleash the wrath of the #MeToo Movement on the Biden campaign? After the Tara Reade fiasco, what next?

Whatever the latent motive might be, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Tea Party ultra-conservative, Progressive or Pragmatist, if you really believe in leadership integrity, you certainly have sufficient reasons to stick with Joe. Stick with Joe because he actually has solid records of selfless public service that one can be proud of; he’s not a self-centered paper tiger bent on perpetual self-aggrandizement at the expense of taxpayers, while pretending to speak for the downtrodden masses. Stick with Joe because he has the requisite credential, experience, orientation, temperament and will power to redeem the soul of this great country, which has been wailing in the proverbial political wilderness and yearning for an authentic, a congenial leadership for almost four years now. Stick with Joe because he strongly believes that being principled, that being decent, that being respectful of others and being of integrity is an essential leadership acumen, not an attribute of weakness. To redeem the exemplary image of this country, which has for almost 250 years, served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for humankind, stick with Joe. If you prefer an authentic leader who is a real deal, stick with Joe. If you’re not a fan of flamboyancy and ostentation, stick with Joe. If you don’t believe in cunning orchestration merely for the spectacles or optics, stick with Joe. If you prefer a lifelong public servant with an unshakable commitment to fundamental democratic tenets, stick with Joe. If you’re yearning for a genuine leader with no hidden agenda of egregiously dismantling existing democratic structures, stick with Joe. Stick with Joe because he has no intention of assailing existing intelligence architecture. Stick with Joe because he has no plan of rejecting genuine intelligence. For almost 50 years, Joe Biden has worked with the nation’s intelligence institutions; he has no plan to manufacture his own intelligence institutions, or tilt their meticulously gathered reports so as to suit his ego. Stick with Joe because under no circumstance would he denigrate the nation’s intelligence gatherings as a “hoax”, simply because such pieces of info expose his clandestine deeds. Stick with Joe because as an avid adherent to the core principle of collective leadership in a democratic setting, he vehemently rejects the shortsighted sentiment that “Only I alone can do it.” Stick with Joe because he’s abundantly aware that the “only I alone can do it” bluster is a fake messianic mantra fueled by a bloated notion of self-glorification. Stick with Joe because he strongly believes in the sacred constitutional structures gallantly erected in this country almost 250 years ago by the Founding Fathers. Stick with Joe because he robustly rejects the myopic notion that this great country—the United States of American–is a “laughing stock” within the comity of nations. Because he has an abiding faith in the impartial promise of democracy that all of God’s children are created equally with certain inalienable rights, stick with Joe. Because he’s not bent on dismantling noble democratic institutions and practices designed to ensure that ALL the three branches of Government harmoniously work together in a coordinated, collaborative fashion, stick with Joe. Because he’s a consummate democrat rather than an ardent cheerleader of despotism, stick with Joe.

The November 3, 2020 election would also be a referendum on American voters’ individual as well as collective judgement, in as much as it would be on what each voter envisions about the country’s manifest role in global affairs. The question is, do American voters want a virile leadership robustly committed to the fundamental principle of democracy, leading humankind to effective mutual cooperation, collaboration and prosperity, or an authoritarian who is eager for confrontation, unilateralism and belligerency? Besides that, the values, norms and mores of this great country will also be on the ballot in November. Life, for most part, tends to treat people based on the choices they make. In November if American voters choose chaos and endless bickering over calm and serenity, life as an equal opportunity adjudicator, would eventually render its impartial verdict. I strongly believe that most voters would prefer to stick Joe, because they’re craving for an empathetic leader who will not criminalize poverty and penalize the poor for being pauperized. Because most American voters prefer a leader who will make sure that the poor and vulnerable in the society get a practically affordable health insurance, regardless of their pre-existing conditions, rather than proscribing an insurance policy that is already benefitting millions of Americans, they will definitely stick with Joe.

Indeed, there are countless reasons why I believe, despite desperate attempts by authoritarian cheerleaders and their agents to besmear him, millions of voters around this country would simply like to emphatically cast their votes for Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. in the November 3, 2020 elections, because most voters prefer an empathetic, a compassionate leader who is inspirational, rather than a stark epitome of intimidation.

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