US International Religious Freedom Report On Liberia

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Executive Summary

Washington DC- June 11, 2020: The constitution provides for the separation of religion and state and stipulates all persons are entitled to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, except as required by law to protect public safety, order, health, morals, or the rights of others.

It also provides for equal protection under the law and prohibits religious tests for office and the establishment of a state religion. Religious leaders urged the government to engage religious communities in proactive dialogue on social issues, rather than calling upon religious organizations as mediators only after problems developed.

Muslim organizations said they welcomed the appointment of a Muslim religious advisor to the president and the granting of leave to Muslim civil servants for Eid al-Fitr, but they expressed continued concern about other policies and practices they said could engender resentment among the Muslim community.

Human rights organizations continued to call upon the government to help prevent harmful traditional practices associated with indigenous beliefs, including ritualistic killings and trial by ordeal.

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