The Nationalistic Talk: Liberia Is All That We Have, Deadly COVID-19 Outbreak Should Not Derail Our Progress

With Joel Cholo Brooks |

As Liberians do all in their might to battle the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus or COVID-19 to swiftly leave Liberia as it was done during the Ebola Virus which left the face of the country after taking thousands of lives, Liberians must see reason how best they can rekindle the courage to completely kick this virus out of Liberia.

The growth and development of Liberia’s agriculture sector and the resuscitation of the country’s infrastructure in all aspects including the recondition of our roads which will afford rural dwellers the access to sell their produce, the provision of improved health facilities and services, and the upgrading of our educational institutions must  be looked at by the central government keenly.

As the Liberian government supposedly doing all in its range to fulfilling those promises made to the electorates during their campaign speeches including those in the opposition groups, everyone must join the wagon in the rebuilding process of their country at all levels, regardless which opposition party they belong, Liberia is all that we have, let us join hands together for its rapid growth and development.

Sources closed to this writer, also hinted that one of those institutions helping in this drive to put Liberia on the map of genuine development in the growth of the Small and Medium Enterprise or SMEs is the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI); its human resource development, and support to the country’s infrastructural growth seems obvious to everyone.

LBDI which was previously called the Liberia Bank for Industrial Development was created by an Act of the National Legislature in 1961 under the joint initiative of the Liberian government and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) that purchased equity in the Bank, and commenced operations in 1965. Under an amendment in 1974, the name was changed to the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI).

Since then the bank has nationalistically committed itself by contributing immensely to Liberia’s, infrastructural development, by bringing together the SMEs, and in improving Liberia’s economic growth at all levels. The bank has also focused on the wellbeing of local residents in the construction and pavement of their community roads network making sure that their livelihoods are improved.

Prior to the initiatives undertaken by the LBDI, most of these communities were engulfed with terrible health situation such as the breeding of mosquito in their respective communities which gave rise to malaria and other infectious diseases. But all that have changed due to the timely intervention of LBDI.

The pallor of Liberian success over the decades should not be undermined as the Liberia Bank For Development and Investment (LBDI) in the financial sector, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in the health sector, the National Housing Authority (NHA), focusing specifically in the banking sector comes in the LBDI.

The LBDI bid to financially assist in the rehabilitation of several community roads including the Doe Community road, the AB Tolbert Vokar Mission road, the Michael Francis Chucky Taylor road, the Pipeline road has overwhelmed residents and users of these roads.

This bank’s pivotal role in financing 80% in the local rubber sector has also boost its support towards the local rubber industry as it is indeed important this sector is the largest. According to information gathered has indicated that the inauguration of a new factory which is 100% Liberian owned is to shortly be done.

Shifting blames on government all of the time for not doing everything for its citizens should not be the hallmark of Liberians daily lives, but instead must always learn to join the government in its development drive which aims to improve their livelihood. It is just impossible for the national government to do it all for the citizens.

Let us remember Liberia is all that we have, the deadly COVID-19 outbreak should not derail our progress. – COVID-19 is here and is real; let us observe all of the health protocols provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) by Avoiding Crowded Areas, Washing Our Hands Regularly and Avoid Close Contact with Sick People – Feeling Sick Call: 4455

Book this column ‘The Nationalistic Value’ next week for another topic when we look at the role of the manufacture sector

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