Scientists Discover New Way of COVID-19 Transmission

Normally, people become infected after someone who is sick coughs or sneezes.

Chinese scientists detected live for the first time the Sars-Cov-2 from the feces of patients who died from COVID-19.

The discovery, made by  Guangzhou Medical University specialists, suggests that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the inhalation of infected stool particles.

“Isolation of infectious SARS-CoV-2 in the stool indicates the possibility of fecal-oral transmission or fecal-respiratory transmission through aerosolized stool,” the study, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, assured.

Normally, people become infected after someone who is sick coughs or sneezes, spraying virus-carrying droplets into the air, which are then inhaled by others.

But Chinese researchers say they have found fragments of the virus’ genetic material in stool samples from about a dozen patients.

As part of the research, the team observed a 78-year-old man who tested positive for coronavirus earlier this year.

Tests detected the virus’ RNA in four stool samples collected between January 27 and February 7. The man died on February 20.

The researchers then collected stool samples from 27 other patients, 11 of which contained viral RNA.

“The infectious virus in the feces is a common manifestation of covid-19,” the study reported.

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