Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, Response to Letter Attributed to WHO Liberia Representative on MCC-COVID-19

Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan

I am responding to a letter dated May 22, 2020 (“Ref No.: A3/27/01/348”), attributed to you as the author, addressed to the Foreign Minister of Liberia, and circulated on social media yesterday by the Ministry of Information of Liberia.

Accordingly, the “letter” is in regard to a “Modern Ghana” online news about my expert-opinion against the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), a non-medical or non-public health entity that was “recruiting and training Contact Tracers” and other public health personnel in Liberia’s COVID-19 Response.

Firstly, I am apt to question the authenticity of the letter and validity of its claims. I doubt that you as the Country-Representative of a respectable global public health organization (the WHO) would write such unprofessional and undiplomatic communication that is anchored on character assassination, innuendos, and basely accusations against me, a fellow health and medical professional.

Please click below full communication:

WHO-LIB-Rep Dr. Clement Peter_May 24, 2020

WHO-MCC_Letter LIB-Rep Dr. Clement Peter_May 22, 2020

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