As Liberia Celebrates Unification Day May 14 Today, Does It Objective seems Achievable?

National Unification Monument Shows The Hoisting Of The National Flag

Liberians around the country are today, May 14 celebrating the National Unification Day, based on an Act of the National Legislature passed in 1960, declaring this day throughout the country as a national holiday to be observed; aimed at tackling political, social and economic disparities with the country, making sure that the entire county and its citizens are unified.

But since its enactment by the national legislature 40 years ago, the realization of the objective of this day is yet to be achieved, with successive governments’ alleged failure to do all in their powers to unify Liberia and its people amid of the entire unbearable and unconditional situation being faced with.

The reported hatred being created amongst citizens over the years as a result of dissatisfaction from one group to another which has consequently brought about disunity is yet to be addressed by successive leaders of Liberia, despite the existence of the enactment of the National Unification Day by the National Legislature and proclaimed by a sitting Liberian President.

The essence of this day aimed unifying the country to its entirety by the leaders of Liberia should be considered as a priority if this country is to succeed in the celebration of the National Unification; unifying Liberians by their leadership will definitely help in bringing sanity to the country in making it to be a nation of purpose, with unity for all.

Liberia is the only country that Liberians can be boast of as their only and beloved residence that they can live peacefully without been deported, therefore they must appreciate each other regardless of their political and religious affiliation or their tribal line.

It can be recalled during the leadership of President William V. S. Tubman, who led from 1944 to 1971, In his inaugural address, introduced his National Unification Policy, which featured among other things an extension of the vote to women and to the country’s indigenous people.

The day, the National Unification Day must be used by Liberians at all times to reawaken the spirit of oneness by building bridges of reconciliation amongst each other, it must not be observed by only the issuing of a mere proclamation  by the President, but rather appropriate programs be organized to showcase the truthfulness of this day.

As much this writer agreed that this year’s celebration is been put on hold due to the outbreak of this deadly COVID-19, making sure that all Liberians observe the social distancing, and other health protocols has been declared by the Ministry of Health for the safety of Liberians and our foreign residents.

Happy Unification Day to all Liberians.

Written by Joel Cholo Brooks

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