Wife And Boyfriend Arrested For Plotting To Kill Husband

Mavis Brepor who is a 32-year-old woman has been apprehended by the police along with one Mr. Patrick Asare who happens to be her supposed boyfriend for plotting to kill her husband identified as David Gator to who they have been married for 13 years with three children.

The arrest was made last Saturday when the two contracted an assassin to execute the plan. However, the plan could not be executed because while they recruiting the Assasin, Asare mistakenly called ACP Kweku Duah who is the Manhyia Divisional Police Commander.

According to ACP Duah, he realized that the call was a mistake but upon hearing the plot, faked interest of which he was offered GHC100,000 to kill Mr. David Gator on Saturday, 2 May 2020.

Speaking on Citi FM, ACP Duah revealed that, “In intelligence, that information was like a pot of gold to us and it was important we manage it well and that is what we did.”

ACP Duah also disclosed that Mavis Brepor and Patrick Asare has done blood covenant after secretly seeing each other for six months thus, plotted to kill her husband.

“The two had vowed to live together forever and the best way for them to live forever was to eliminate the husband,” he said.

Their first attempt to kill Mr.Gator was to poison him with powered bottles but he always ate with his wife and children so they couldn’t execute it.

“Plan B was to get someone to kill him. If we had not swiftly moved in on the day of planned killing, this man [Asare] would have gone to Nima to get some thugs to come and kill him. That was the plan C,” ACP Duah said.

After he arrested Patrick Asare,  “We went to the house of Mr.Gator and the man was eating with the wife but unknown to him, the wife and the boyfriend had planned to kill him.”

ACP Duah narrated the incident to Mr. Gator on how his own wife and her boyfriend are planning to kill him. Gator shedding tears asked the wife what he has done wrong.

ACP Duah attributed the arrest of Asare and Mavis to the handiwork of God, saying, “He would have been dead by now if God had not been on his side and if the call had gone to the wrong person.

Source: www.browngh.com

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