Clerics Divided Over Having Church Service amid COVID-19 Nightmare

Bishop Dr. Jerry C.M. Yarpa

Barely few days ago when a member of the Liberian Christian community called on the Liberian Government to lift the restriction imposed on having religious gathering during the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus which has greatly overwhelmed the world, another religious leader is speaking to the contrary.

The Bishop and General Superintendent of the Faith Mission Temple International  has cautioned Liberian Clergy in Christendom against the proclamation of false prophesies on and about the Country, amidst the Novel Coronavirus impacted restriction from the Government of Liberia on religious worship centers.

Bishop Dr. Jerry C.M. Yarpa says since the Liberia Government imposed restrictions on mass worship gatherings, his attention has been drawn to several charismatic prophesies, some of which he terms as false and afflicted personal sub-consciousness against the teaching and doctrine of the Holy Bible.

According to Bishop Yarpa, the recent prophecy from his counterpart clergyman, Bishop Amos Greenfield of the Kingdom  Embassy of Liberia  regarding  the visitation of God’s wrath on President  George Manneh Weah and his  top government officials,  if the  doors of Churches and Mosques  are  not  allowed to  re-open for  worship  services, is false and lacks  the essential element of a true prophecy.

Bishop Yarpa divulges that, whilst he eagerly  yearn for the doors  of Churches to  be re-opened as soon as  possible,  the  prophecy of Bishop Greenfield   of  the Kingdom  Embassy of Liberia is not  in conformity with the Bible  and ought to   be  sharply condemned  by all Bible-believing or  evangelical denominations, because  God  cannot  and does not contradict Himself in His dealings with men.

The Faith Mission Temple Prelate says the authenticity or truthfulness of a prophecy is based on its agreement with Biblical teachings and has urged all Christians and those in ministerial leadership to be truthful, God-fearing, and honest in their proclamation of God‘s Word, including revelations and prophecies, so that God’s wrath cannot come upon them; that though God is merciful, He cannot be mocked.

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