I-Help Liberia Medical Team Joins COVID-19 Fight, Assures Collaboration With Health Authorities

Dr. Gassimu Kaba addressing journalists at a news conference

As the deadly COVID-19 continue to ravages the world with Liberia not being excluded in the devastation, a local NGO, the I-Help Liberia Medical Incorporation  has taken a giant step to join the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) and other international partners in making sure that this deadly virus is kick out of Liberia and the rest of the world.

Addressing a news conference today, April 15, 2020 in Monrovia, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the I-Help Liberia Medical Incorporation, Dr. Gassimu Kaba said his organization, the first to produce locally made nose mask, is in readiness to collaborate with health authorities in creating a holistic awareness about the danger this deadly virus contained.

Dr, Kaba with his team wearing the nose mask

Dr. Kaba told journalists at the news conference that his organization which is a subsidiary of I-Help Liberia Project USA in furthering its awareness has printed hundreds  stickers labeled with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for distribution to the Liberian public on the danger of this virus.

Dr. Kaba also lauded his organization’s USA based partners including Dr. Benjamin Rapoport; a neurosurgeon and researcher in New York, and Dr. Adam Cohen; an American Scientist at Harvard University in the United States for their support to sponsor dozens of Liberian medical students at the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine.

He further bragged that his organization with four pillars including: Medical and surgical outreach, public health education, mental health and counseling services, and medical research will be carryout during its lifespan.

Dr. Kaba called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen the capacity of struggling African nations in the fight against COVID-19, and also said the Government must continue to strengthen its capacity by working with relevant authorities to enhance the fight against the killer virus.

I-HELP Liberia Project USA which gave birth to its medical wing in Liberia was founded in 1994 by students at Hunter College High School in New York City, the I-HELP Liberia Project strives to improve the quality of science education in the West African Country of Liberia. The Project is working in partnership with scientists at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Oxford Universities to equip, train, and educate Liberian high school students and teachers with laboratory technology.

Its mission is to enhance and support science education in Liberia and to inspire students to take an interest in scientific learning; it has over the years since its ascendancy has achieved this by offering technology and guidance to schools that demonstrate a commitment to training their students in the disciplines of science.

I-Help Liberia Project USA objective and purpose are:

(1) To seek out donations and arrange the shipment and fair distribution of the following educational materials:(a) Laboratory equipment (b) Textbooks (c) School desks and chairs (d) Computers (d) Other educational materials (e) We will also accept donations of other items, such as shoes and clothing, which benefit the quality of life of Liberian people.

It has also organized trips of American science students and professionals to schools in Liberia in order to: (a) Introduce and explain the use of scientific equipment (b) Demonstrate laboratory techniques (c) Collaborating with teachers to enhance science curricula with technology and experiments using locally available materials.

The birth of I-Help Liberia Medical Incorporated is a result of the many support from hundreds of American students, scholars and professors who have taken keen interest in Liberia’s educational system in the area of science and technology.

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