As NPHIL Says Social Distancing Key to Eradicate COVID -19, Marketers Persistently Ignoring

Dr. Mosoka Fallah , Head of NPHIL

Despite warning released by the Liberian health authorities for Liberian to regularly maintain all the protective measures against the outbreak of the coronavirus marketers, especially petty traders are publicly ignoring some of the measures to adhere to the issue of Social distancing, but are cluster together with no fear of been  victims of the virus.

Dozens of marketers, particularly young women and men as early as 7am grouped themselves together at various stores in the Via Town area to purchase goods disregarding the health measures issued by health authorities in the country, especially the observing of social distancing but rather paid more attention of their goods to be bought.

Their persistence refusal to abide by all these measures as per the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) regulation, these individuals if not handled to curtail their daily clustering together it may prolong the country’s health crisis, and subsequently result to more deaths for being adamant.

GNN reporters, who visited various stores in Via Town, noticed that if nothing is done to remediate such ugly acts on the part of these marketers, Liberia must be prepared to have more cases and deaths of the virus because of the failure of these Liberians to adhered to the regulations of health authorities.

Speaking to some of the marketers in their queue at one of the stores said they were doing this to get goods to be put on sale in order to feed their families, “My brother I know it is dangerous the way we have clustered up here without observing the social distancing; however, God is there to save some of us here,” a lady believed to be in her early 40s who refused to be named said.

Health authorities must see reason to call on state security to visit these concerned areas and make sure that such acts are aborted in the interest of all Liberians.

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