LIBERIA: New Jerusalem Community In Louisiana Township Joins COVID-19 Extinction Efforts

Mr. Johnson B. Toby, Chairman of the New Jerusalem Community

Residents of the newly established New Jerusalem Community in the Township of Louisiana, Lower Montserrado County have said that they are considering plans to stop the movement of strange people in their community unless they ahead to GOL prescribed COVID-19 protocols, and in some instances, compel people to wear nose mask.

In a Town-hall meeting Sunday with some prominent residents of the Township, Mr. Johnson B. Toby, Chairman of the New Jerusalem Community stated that his leadership has begun a robust approach in its efforts to buttress the Government of Liberia workings on the containment and bringing to zero the spread of the deadly virus.

According to the New Jerusalem Community Chairman, amidst the threat of the Coronavirus, his leadership has resolved to continue other initiatives in the community, including opening of alleys, funding scholarships, the provision pipe born water, night time security, amongst others, but at the same time stands ready to enforce  all COVID-19 protocols premised on the virus impact in Countries around the world, including China, America, and Australia, as well as several countries in Europe and Africa, which are severely challenged with the virus that is affecting and killing hundreds and thousands of people across the world.

Chairman Toby asserted that the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is known, is effecting several Liberians; that means, the virus or the sickness is in Liberia and the country stands a high risk for plenty people to get affected or sick or probably loss their lives, as the case with some countries around the world.

Toby stated that his leadership envisages working with other stakeholders in the Louisianan Township to keep the community safe and free of the virus, emphasizing the need for all Liberians and residents to continue to do the things the Country’s Health Authorities have cautioned to do.

In conclusion, Chairman Toby admonished the public to wash their hands frequently, keep a distance from each other, as the case with what is referred to, as social distancing, and report any strange sickness to the nearest clinic hospital.

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