The COVID-19 Walhalla: As Dozens Crossing Over To Liberia From Ivory Coast, Southeasterners Say They Are Troubled

Ivory Coast having the highest cases of the deadly COVID-19 with one reported dead, a local correspondent of state radio, ELBC Radio has reported that dozens of Liberians residing in Ivory Coast are arriving in Maryland County by the day, a situation he noted that residents of the county are expressing fear of this sudden arrivals.

Liberia is sharing border with Ivory Coast with some Liberians residing in the border towns of that country, the outbreak of this virus has reportedly made many of those Liberians who are resident across the border seems to compelled many to flee to the home country, Liberia for fear of the virus.

According to the report, residents of Maryland County are expressing fear that the arrival of their compatriots from Ivory Coast without being quarantined by authority of that country is indeed worrisome; stressing that these new arrivals if not properly checked would create another outbreak in that county.

A local reporter who spoke to the GNN today, confirmed the report of the sudden arrival of Liberians from the Ivory Coast, noting that relatives of some of these new arrivals have refused to accommodate their family members for fear of the virus, and further calling on authority to provide means in making sure that these new arrivals are not carriers of the virus.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting from that part of the country

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