Scarcity Of Gasoline On Liberian Market Must Be Investigated, As Retailers Allegedly Stockpiling Commodity

GNN investigation has uncovered that the continues artificial shortage of gasoline on the Liberian market has been linked to some of the retailers who are said to be clandestinely hauling the products around the city and its environs in order to make profit at the end of the day are living with impunity.

According to our investigation, some sales agents of some of the failing stations around the city and its environs at reportedly in closed contacts with retailers, especially those who sells on the sidewalk, and other illegal points of service are given the product with the objective of profiteering at the detriment of those who are in dare need of the product.

Our staff who was opportune to have come in contact with one of the retailers (Not named) around the Capitol Bypass corridor in pursuit of purchasing a gallon of gasoline who had stockpile of containers of gasoline stored in a short was baffled as to why this product was available while a nearby failing station which had a long queue of vehicles awaiting to be served could not do it right away.

Our staff said the retailer who sold a gallon of gasoline at the price of LD1,900.00 instead of LD635.00,00 to him was shocked, but could not show his anger at this gentleman, wondering why people could be wicket to their fellowman, believing that to publicly rob or steal from them was to their pleasure.

According to our staff, several other retailers were noticed around the city, who are said to be selling the product as high as LD2, 000.00 per gallon, a situation which our staff said made him to ponder over as to why these unscrupulous individuals could not be apprehended by state security for questioning in order to publicly give reasons of their unwanted doings.

In order to expose these unscrupulous individuals who believe that cheating the public should be their hallmarks, our investigation continue.

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