NTA Defies Coronavirus Fight; Overload Commercial Buses, Despite Of Health Authorities Regulation

By: Aisha P Cooper | Freelance Reporter |

Fleet of NTA buses donated to Liberia by the Indian Government

What seems to be an unbelievable happening today, Thursday March 26, 2020, was the unconcealed behaviors of one of the conductors onboard Liberian Government owned National Transport Authority (NTA), when one of the buses with lesion plate A30519 who insisted that the bus in which he is assigned take the regular passengers (Overloading) despite of Health authority regulation that there should be a reduced number of riders onboard of any of the vehicle plying the streets.

A freelance journalist of the GNN Aisha P. Cooper who was onboard on one of the buses in question, said she noticed the defiance on the part of authority of the National Transport Authority (NTA), allegedly refusing to abide by the regulation of health authorities to avoiding the overcrowdings of transport vehicles as the deadly coronavirus rages on around the world.

Explaining further, she said, “I boarded an NTA Government owned transport bus from Broad Street to 72nd boulevard.  Immediately upon entry into the bus, I noticed the passengers were seated normally (Not taken into consideration recent regulation issued by health authorities); I then ask the conductor, why the health measures issued to protect passengers were not being observed. The conductor then replied saying, authority at the National Transit Authority told them to carry the regular seating capacity due to the shortage of gasoline in the country.”

Aisha also said while seated in the bus, a man believed to be suffering from health complication was seen entering the bus which was overloaded adding, “This situation also created a serious concern, and I had to again ask the conductor as to what step had been taken amid dozens being seated close to one another, which I believed is a defiance to the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL).

With this latest development, effort by the GNN to contact the management of the NTA proved unsuccessful.

Investigation continues

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