After This: A Judgment For Political Jonahs and Their Adores

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Photo Caption: Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Dr. Mosoka Fallah, and Dr. Francis Ketteh

Politics, as I once heard from an experienced Liberian politician is not a game that can be played by children, but individuals who are up to the task of forcing down their throats all the bitter political pills associated with the game.

Perhaps, based this experienced Liberian politician’s knowledge, those who do not have the thick skin for politics should find something else to do rather than wasting their own time to venture into political issues.

Just before I close the premise on what I am embarking upon in this article, this well-known Liberian politician also told me that  one of the differences between  politics in Liberia, compared to other countries  in the West African Sub-region is that politicians and their likes (here)  are noted for taking advantage of the slightest situation to score political marks, instead of helping  their “so-dearly loved” citizens  get out of troubling and unfortunate situations that affect their lives, just like the current Corona Virus Liberia is  going through.

My disappointment:

Now that the premise has been laid, let me move right ahead by voicing out, what I decided to do what I am doing through this medium.

I guess we all are aware that the entire face of the globe is now locked up in the stage of confusion, anguish, fear, uncertainty and perhaps hopelessness, as the deadly Corona Virus is claiming thousands of lives.

Since its outbreak China, at the fall of 2019, experts across many parts of the world, mainly affected countries have been making frantic efforts to address the threat being posed by this deadly virus.

Unfortunately as we speak, there is no clear cut or lasting solution to  this raging virus.

One can imagine that if some of the technologically-advanced nations,  I mean countries that we used to run to for help in similar times, for example the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, etc, are still struggling to  contain  the Corona Virus, how much more about smaller countries like ours that do not have the needed capacity.

These, troubled countries, despite the number of lives being lost to the Corona Virus, continue to remain united in finding a way out of the situation.

But  my heart is bleeding from a psychological stand point, the fact that while our government  and partners are  trying to put things into place in finding some solution to the Corona Virus challenge, there are elements in our midst who are out for something else.

I am saying something else in the sense that some people in our country are using the Corona Virus crisis to confuse the Liberian people.

The acts are am making reference to  range  from scoring political marks, spreading falsehood to undermining national efforts to defeat the virus to the adopting of non-compliance posture by others, relative to the safety measures announced by the Liberian Government.

Listening to the radio, following other discussions on the social media as well as street corners since Liberia’s first case was officially announced, there are people who are suggesting that hand-washing does is not solve the problem. Even during our early days in school, who does not know that hand-washing is part of hygiene?

As part of their plans to confuse the public, others are saying some of the actions taken by government so far are inappropriate, unfair, not timely and show   some level of insensitivity.

I know that some of the regulations may seem painful, but we have to realize that without life, we cannot carry on all of these activities.

The other issue is increasing social media reports, blemished with   the spreading of falsehood about what is really obtaining about the fight against the virus in Liberia.

In this particular case, I am making reference to recent social media reports that a certificate had been issued to people   by health authorities, indicating that things were done with them for the better.

As the Liberian Government was taking up time to clear the air that the so-called certificate allegedly issued these   people was not real but the making of some evil-minded individuals in society, there came another one that the Liberian health authorities were in the process of spraying the air or the various homes as part of efforts to address the Coronavirus situation.

At the same time, I have read on social media and listened to some of the local air waves with media colleagues using harsh words against some of our officials, especially a prominent female, perhaps as a means of venting out their anger.

Again, because of these bad habits, those who are at the frontline of the battle against the Corona Virus, our health care providers across Liberia, considered by me as the foot soldiers, as well as their technical supervisors,   the likes of Health Minister, Dr. Wilhelmina  Jallah, NPHIL’s  Dr. Mosoka Fallah, the Chief Medical Officer of Liberia,  Dr. Francis Kateh, our local and international partners, have to take up their busy schedules to make clarifications so that our people do not get confused in the process.

It is so disheartening that while other affected countries are combining efforts to find a way out of the situation, here in Liberia there are elements who are doing the opposite, either to confuse the citizens or fool them so that we can once more see some loved ones, relatives, friends, among others, escorted to another crematorium or wherever the bodies of those dying of the virus are supposed to be buried.

But with God being our helper, the plans of these political Jonahs and their adores will not come to pass.

While on my way to work on Monday, March 23, 2020, I heard some passengers say Dr. Mosoka Fallah, was wrong for saying those who are spreading falsehood about the Corona Virus situation in Liberia are the true enemies of the Country.

But for me, I think Dr. Fallah had to say so because he was hurt or touched by these negative acts in the wake of ongoing efforts to find solution to this National Health Emergency.

How can anyone claim to love his country and at the same time engage in practices that have the propensity to undermine the well-being of the very society, especially for a life- extinguishing virus like Corona?

I have heard that experience is the best teacher, but here in Liberia it is just like we do not learn from our mistakes; for instance during the Ebola crisis, there were people who believed that nothing of such nature was happening, there were others who bought the idea that drinking too much Cane Juice could stop people from being affected by the deadly Ebola virus, while some other believed that the idea was a strategy designed by key policy makers at the time to make money.

By the time most of us got to realize that there was a killer virus known as Ebola, some of our loved ones, relatives and friends had already been escorted to the crematorium.

From the onset, some people were hesitant   to abide by the regulations released by government, for instance the number of passengers each commercial driver, motor cyclist and others should carry.

But I must admit that these few days seem to be encouraging as a lot of other patriotic Liberians are trying to follow suit.

I am of the opinion that making all of these regulations work will require collaboration, reporting both the good   side and any shorting coming in how we go about the process to  educate  others, pray to God   and the courage to overcome.

Simply, I do not also see the need for any physical attacks, even where some people may not still agree with us  as we try to educate them.

As I close this article, I wish to say that there is a judgment for those who are bent on thwarting the progress of Liberia in its ongoing war against the Coronavirus. We keep crying that our country is languishing behind others in the Sub-region, but when constructed steps are taken to move us ahead,  some people get angry and fight to undermine them, etc.

For some of us, we are sensing that some of these negative acts are intended to make us regret while God had to make us Liberians. But let it be known that some of us will not question God’s decision to put us here or make us Liberians; as such sense of belongingness is not an issue of the individual’s choice, but the Creator’s decision.

I therefore want these people to remember that there will, one day, be a judgment for elements that are willfully bent on undermining efforts to defeat the killer disease, Coronavirus.

I wish to commend  Liberian Government and partners, health care providers who I personally consider as the foots soldiers and their  battle commanders in the war against the Coronavirus, Health Minister, Dr. Jallah, Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Kateh and the Director General -designate of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia(NPHIL), Dr. Mosoka Fallah, along with all other individuals, local and international partners that are  making frantic efforts so that Liberia can overcome this health emergency.  This is my personal opinion.

A hint to the wise is quite sufficient!

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