LIBERIA: ‘Disappearance’ Of 60-Years Man Worrisome, As Children Express Over Missing Father

Mr. Johnson Koyeah, 60, whereabouts still unknown

The children of Mr. Johnson Koyeah, 60, have expressed disdained over the continuous search of their father by the Liberia National Police (LNP).Mr. Koyeah- a businessman, reportedly when missing since 2018 and is yet to be found.

Speaking to reporters in a joint news conference in Monrovia recently, the six children of the missing businessman in separate remarks said, prior to their father going missing, he was the only source of income for them.

According to them, their father being a businessman who travels a lot within the 15 subdivisions of Liberia, failed to show-up since his last business trip to Grand Bassa County in 2018.

They claimed, they have made sufficient efforts to get in contact with him through his mobile phone and have also contacted other relatives and friends of their missing father, but to no avail.

“We are saddened by this situation. Since our father went missing, we have contacted almost of everyone in our family and even his friends about his whereabouts, but they too are astonished by the information,” Mel K. Johnson, one of the sons of the missing father asserted.

“Every day I share tears about this situation, our father is everything to us, we cannot afford to lose him,” Joseline Tarlee Johnson, daughter of the missing father added.

Meanwhile, the children of the missing businessman Koyeah are calling on the Liberian National Police (LNP) to continue in the search of their father and to further investigate what led to his abrupt disappearance so as to have peace of minds.

“We strongly believe our father is not dead. He is somewhere alive, but that needs to be properly investigated,” one of the children of the missing father intoned.

The six children of the missing businessman Koyeah include: Mel. K. Johnson, Kelvin Meman Johnson, Junior Alexander Johnson, Prince Zahyean Johnson and Lucas Bobbinho Johnson.


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