National Media Council Frowns at Violators of Ethics

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Hoff, Chairperson, National Media Council

The National Media Council (NMC) says it will not condone acts of disrespect of its authority by journalists and members of the public who refuse to appear at its hearings to settle disputes, according to a press release issued here today.

Part IV (a) of the National Media Council’s Operational Framework empowers the body to mediate matters arising from the violation of the Press Union of Liberia’s Code of Ethics for Liberian Journalists.  In light of this mandate, the NMC frowns at individuals who show disregard and disrespect when cited to hearings.

The NMC makes it clear that despite not appearing, matters will be heard in absentia and recommendations made as mandated by its Framework. The mandate entails that the Council levies fines, demand retractions, require apologies as well as name and shame violators of the Code of Ethics for Liberian Journalists.

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