Did Liberians Fail God’s Litmus Tests?

By Joe Noutoua Wandah |

Flash Back: June 7th, 2019 protesters gathered on the grounds of the Capitol Building in demand of ‘Corruption free Liberia’

Liberians from all religious background has, and continues to fail God’s LITMUS TEST since the Nation (Liberia) return to civility after her senseless fourteen years of craziness that left victims rather than victors!

Liberians in the majority are supposedly, Christians who often says that “LIBERIA WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES” which has become a clichés but yet denied the actual implications of a Christian Nation as seems in other religious nations the World over!

From all indications, Liberians are fast to forget if they claimed as indicated above when people from all walks of life went into their respective places of worship to call on their respective gods for a God fearing leadership after His own heart to lead this Nation (Liberia)!

God give Liberians the first ever female leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf democratically elected to help lead the war torn nation, but to the amazements of the World Liberians again fail to uphold what they asked God for but complains and complains for the last twelve years!

Liberians of various religious background, were again with the clichés “LIBERIA WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES “trooping to their various worship centers asking God for an indigenous son or daughter of the soil to lead them! With barely forty plus months into this new era in her democratic dispensation, Liberians precisely Christians again are taking on the social media, radio and television shows to castigate the process that they asked God for! Again, failing God’s LITMUS TEST!

Liberians has proven to the religious world that they don’t trust what God words say concerning their situations of which they see these on folding events which includes the financial meltdown, high cost of living, human migrations for better livelihood where Africans, Asians and other nationals are dangerously taking the risk of crossing this dangerous Sahara desert amidst hard code terrorists and the horrific Mediterranean sea-crossing that has led to the death of countless citizens mostly of African descent! All of these happening are clearer indications that the end time is near and only prayers alongside faith can see any Nation through despite the devastation in and around them! Yet, Liberians has and continue to fail God’s LITMUS TEST!

I recalled in recent past when I ran into one of Liberia’s astute preacher men who doesn’t compromise in saying the truth as God words depict (name withheld) told me that his silence was bordered on lots of happening within the religious circles!

He furthered that, he has notice with keen interest that the religious circle has been divided into three difference groupings with some of his colleagues (Pastors) 1.supporters of the current regime, 2.In the middle meaning they don’t support the regime and 3. They are in support of the regime!

With this kind of mindset within the religious sector, which direction will people who do believe in these Pastors that head them be exhibiting in their respective homes, places of work and streets of Liberia?

Well, what comes to one’s mind is that the saying “Liberia was founded on Christian principles” which nowadays has been considered a cliché is so sadden for a Nation which often lacks down Liberia on every Sunday within the year just to worship is yet to grapple with the realization of these testing time which are not unique to Liberian alone but the entire World!

Again, Liberians are heard in their little corners with these negative vices indicating that the time is hard, Liberian are suffering hooooooo and nothing better can ever happen to Liberia yet on Sunday they are Holy and speaking in tones but don’t believe in the God that they call on every second! What an irony, when a little LITMUS TESTS such as the financial meltdown which is global, hike in consumable etc. the religious community still don’t believe that brighter days are ahead in these dark hours!

Joe Noutoua Wandah is a broadcast Journalist, columnist and writer and can be reached at +231776590725/+231886224134 E-mail: noutouanjoe@yahoo.com

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