Local Residents Hunt Pastor For Gay Activities  In Liberia

Pastor Kenneth German is been hunted for his gay activities in Liberia

‘Wonders shall never end’, as its often said in Liberia of things that baffle people, this happens to be the case of the exposure of Pastor Kenneth German, the man who runs a local Church in the suburb of Monrovia, when it was rumored in January 2019 in some quarters of being a gay back.

This rumor went like wild fire, even though not everyone believed the news, but however, according to our reporter who witnessed one of the scenes when some angry residents of the community decided to take the law into their hand as they began to plan a mob action against the Pastor, a situation that led to the arrival of some police to swiftly intervene, but still his life was in danger.

Today, as the gay community is under attack again, the pastor was mentioned as a member of the community by one of the gay members (Mr. James Calvin) though has been covering up his identity all this while with a late marriage.

In an exclusive interview with the GNN, some members of the community where he lives (name withheld) speaking to our reporter as to what led to this action, one of them is Mamie Johnson who said she was indeed surprised and very disappointed to noticed that the pastor is a gay and member of the LGBT community, stressing, “But I don’t think he is coming here anymore because people will kill him, except he relocated somewhere else because his life is in danger. Even though I learnt he is in Canada, I pray that he remain there or look for alternative location, because he knows what happens to gay in this country. I pray God have mercy on him,” Ms. Johnson speaking to the GNN said.

Also our reporter who was on the scene spoke to the spokesman of the angry crowd, who refused to be named said, “We don’t want to see any evil (gay or bisexual) creature in this community, because we will kill them; the pastor is not a real pastor. How can he be a real pastor and allowing suspected gay persons to be in his church? Let him run to different country but the day he returns, we will chase him out of the society. We are waiting for him to return,” the spokesman in a rather emotional tune said.

“You heard of what happened in 2014 and 2012 when it was reported that he is a gay, we will do worst to him than what happened the last time; he either lives somewhere else or he will not have peace here and anywhere we find him he will be attacked and we will do the worst to him. We are watching and waiting for him to come back from wherever he is. He can’t escape our wrath and anger,” the spokesman of the angry mob speaking to the GNN said.

They accused the Pastor that In January 2019, it was rumored of allegedly making a slight statement which publicly implicated him as a gay however, it became a rumor and no action was taken against him but today (November 20,  2019), it has been proven by a member of the gay community “the family” that he is a part of them and now the angry crowd are in search of him only for them to be informed by his wife that he had traveled to Canada.

However, the wait is on for him to show up with life-threatening words for him. His wife and family were ashamed and all attempt to reach the wife by phone was unsuccessful as she is unwilling to speak to this paper but from sources close to her, there is a suggestion that she might put in a divorce upon his arrival to the country.

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