Following Reported Failure To Govern Liberia, CDC National Chairman Seems Frustrated, Calls For ‘Immediate Cabinet Reshuffle’

CDC Chairman, Mulbah Morlu

Despite of many calls from Liberians for President George Manneh Weah to reshuffle his government and usher in credible and professional individuals who will lead the state a recognizable status for the international community to graciously appreciate after near two years now, and is yet to be done, the National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah Morlu who seems frustrated has added his voice to this call.

Addressing partisans at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town during program by the National Patriotic Party to welcome its embattled chairman James Biney as legitimate chairman, Chairman Morlu said the ruling Coalition has people in higher positions of government who are not loyal and who do not believe in the Pro Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity.He claims some officials are involved in leaking classified documents to the public only to create scenario that the government is wicked to the people.

“It is unbelievable for officials of government to leak classified documents to the public. This is wickedness to a job that put bread on your table to be undermined by them. It is time that we bring on board partisans who love the president, who support the Pro Poor Agenda for Development than to have people who are wishing to see the downfall of the government,” he blasts.

He says the three collaborating political parties including the Congress for Democratic of President George Weah, the National Patriotic Party of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and Liberian People Democratic Party of former House Speaker Alex Tyler have competent and qualified people.

Morlu notes that President Weah in government some members of the opposition because of love and reconciliatory so he did not downside as his predecessor did, adding, it appears that the goodwill of the President has being taken for granted and it is time to take drastic action for the betterment of the state.

Commenting on the internal battle between the NPP and the CDC, he says the matter is now resolved among the three political parties and it is time to work together closely.

A statement from the national executive committee of the ruling establishment under the signature Chairman Morlu stresses empowerment of ‘those who stood with the party during its period of struggle, adding, that officials working outside the ‘Pro Poor’ Agenda should vacate government.

“We the members of the National Executive Committee of this great party are committed to all of you. Now is the time that we have to swallow the bitter pills by taking some hard decisions both in government and our party. We commit to continuously seeking the interest of Liberians. Most importantly, our supporters who stood with us during our difficult days in the struggle must continue to be empowered. We can no longer sugarcoat this reality. The moral demands to empower our people are a fierce urgency that remains our first line of defense as we serve our country”, Chairman Morlu asserts.

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