SUP expels partisans for gross indiscipline and breach of party constitution

In a statement issued by the University of Liberia Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) said ‘Sons and daughters of shantytowns, ghettos and hamlets, civil society actors, marketers, motorcyclists, taxi drivers, pen-pen riders, rock crushers, car loaders, shoeshine boys, casual laborers, conscious students, public school teachers, civil society actors, unionists, nurses, our international partners, distinguished media practitioners, ideological militants of SUP, fellow Liberians throughout our landscape and

With gallantry and daring resolve, we bring you plenteous greetings from the hilltop of consciousness and progressivism, The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP). Plagued with uncertainties and afflicted by complexities, it is saddened that this glorious land of liberty, the Republic of Liberia, is trekking on a trajectory of extreme hardship and mass looting under ex-Soccer Star George M. Weah.

With the power vested in the Central Committee, the Politburo, and the General Congress concomitantly under the astute Chairmanship of comrade ideologue Carlos T. Edison, we want to officially inform you and the general public that the rumor you have been hearing about the so-called expulsion of the chairman of SUP is not only a blatant lie but another cheap gossip that is only good enough for the trashcan of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

As Chairman of the tripartite section of SUP, I still preside and enjoy the overwhelming confidence of militants, cadres, and ideologues of our party. I have the full backing of all layers of SUP including conscious university students as demonstrated here today. The failed coup engineered by this failed government of Mr. George Weah through those pay-agents, pro-regime stooges, and internal renegades have united our party more than ever before.

According to our Constitution, it is only the chairman of SUP that can call for and preside over any meeting/session before any member of SUP is warned, suspended or expelled. But we have no reason to give credence to a sect of conspirators, bootlickers and belly-driven lackeys who lack every semblance of integrity, discipline and loyalty. SUP remains on course and no one, not even this inept government, can distract or undermine the supremacy of our party.

On this note, the following members of SUP are hereby EXPELLED with immediate effect for gross insubordination, indiscipline, and breach of party constitution, and are therefore asked to turn over all party properties in 48 hours:

  1. Mohammed Deybo – Co-chair
  2. Ephraim T. Nyumah – Secretary General
  3. Daniel Pongay – Central Committant
  4. Jamel Kamara – Central Committant
  5. Diggs Jallah – Co-chair for Militant Brigade

The following adjustments are hereby made until the conduct of General Congress. A mini congress will be held to fill in the vacancy of the Co-chair for Party Affairs. Asst. SG Romeo Famuleh replaces former SG Ephraim T. Nyumah. Cde. Preston Davies replaces Cde. Daniel Pongay at the Central Committee. Cde. Newton Tokpa is hereby admitted as Junior Representative to the Central Committant while Cde. Laytoe Yarlue replaces Cde. Tutu Luogon as Women Presidium Chair and Cde. Jacqueline Blio Brownell as Co-chair and Cde. Natashou Nabieu as SG respectively.

Cde. Kelvin Johnson will now replace Cde. Willie Bomboo as Militant Chairman while Cde. Austin Sawalah will be replaced by Cde. Lester Gbateh as SG. Cde. Thomas Saah Saaleh replaces Cde. William Jallah as Scholarship Committee Chairman. Cde. Seawon Lawaiyee is hereby appointed as Chairman on Member Committee as Cde. Sylvester Wheeler goes as SG. The party hereby lifts the suspension of Cde. Paul Kingsley.

The party is strongly warning the following militants to refrain from acts inimical to the doctrine, tradition, and norms of SUP: Cde. Charles Songhai, Cde. Jerome Juah, Cde. Willie Bombo, Cde. Ambrose Fahnbulleh, Cde. Mustapha Kanneh, and all militants. We will have to option but to institute stern disciplinary measure(s) against any militant who associates himself/herself with those undermining the progressive nature of our party. We call on all militants, the UL administration, the students, and the general public not to do business with those expelled.

The party is calling on UL administration to ensure the immediate issuance of ID Cards to all students before the resumption of normal academic activities. Additionally, the ban on student political activities must be immediately lifted while urgency be given to the holding of ULSU general elections in this coming semester. As the 2019/2020 Draft National Budget is under legislative scrutiny, SUP is calling on the National Legislature to substantively increase the budget of UL and all public tertiary institutions in the country.

We want to publicly declare our support for civil servants. SUP vehemently opposes every form and all forms of “Salary Harmonization” and “Salary Cut”. We will stand with and by civil servants to fight this visible evil. If this government wants to harmonize or cut salaries/allowances, such measure should not affect underpaid and salary-delayed civil servants. Cut the astronomical salaries/allowances of President George Weah, Min. Tweah, Min. McGill, Compt. Janga Kowo, Mayor Koijee, First Lady Clar Weah, Lawmakers, Ministers, Managing Directors, Ambassadors, Comptrollers, etc.

We want to reiterate our call for this government to settle all liabilities owed Liberian students studying in Monrovia. SUP wants to condemn in the strongest term the latest decision on the part of this corrupt government to impose an additional 5% regulatory fee on GSM Companies which has led to the cancellation of the ‘3 days free calls’ and other bonanzas. The people didn’t vote CDC to become poorer. The country is at a crisis level. Extreme hardship has become the order of the day since Mr. Weah became president. SUP will rally the people to fight this national nightmare in order to put an end to their acute suffering.

The party wholeheartedly commends all loyal militants, cadres, and ideologues for defending the impeccable legacy of our institution. History will pay you for your unhindered discipline and commitment. We must continue to soldier on for a classless society. We will and must win together – SUP shall prevail in it all.

Long Live SUP – Long Live Massescracy. In pursuit of social justice, academic freedom and peace, the STRUGGLE for an equal and a just society remains unceasingly progressive’.  The statement signed by Romeo Famuleh; Acting Secretary General, and approved by Carlos T. Edison, Chairman of SUP noted.

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