Several Liberians Among Illegal Immigrants in U.S. Prisons

Reports By : James Momoh | In U.S. |

Liberians are among several nationals languishing in US prisons since their arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents also known as ICE in the United States. The prolong detention of illegal immigrants in the United States has now become a human rights issue for which advocates are calling for their early release or deportation to their respective countries.

This was the scene in the state of New Jersey when several advocate groups converged on one of the prison facilities that is currently holding hundreds of illegal immigrants including Liberians since their arrest by Immigration Custom Enforcement Agents. Illegal migration is now a contiguous debate in the United States, due to the uncompromising posture of president Donald Trump on illegal immigrants entering the United States.

For president Trump, the United States welcomes ever nationality to the United States but should be done legally. Despite the crackdown on illegal migration in the United States, hundreds of men, women and children are still entering the United States illegally.

According to a report by the pewresearch group, there were 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States in 2017, representing 3.2 percent of the total United States population. In the last three months, immigration enforcement agents have been visiting several homes to arrest individuals and families on immigration charges. The protest which lasted for several hours under a eighty  five degree heat, was intended to alert authorities on the prolong imprisonment of migrants and the urgent need for them to be brought before an immigration judge, to give reasons for fleeing their respective countries and seeking refuge in the United States.

“These people need their freedom, why should anyone be kept in prison for more then three years all because they are seeking opportunities for themselves and their families”? Unlike other nationals that entered the United States through border points, Liberians currently detained on immigration charges entered the United States legally but have outlived their legal status.

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