Israel, Saudi Arabia Footprints Found in Terrorists’ Former Military Base Near Damascus

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army continued its clean-up operations in the newly-liberated areas from the control of terrorist groups, discovering a large number of weapons, including arms made in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian Army’s units discovered a former headquarters of Jeish al-Islam terrorists in a farm in the surrounding areas of the town of Yalda in Damascus province.

Meantime, a Syrian Army military sources said that the Damascus Army came across a large amount of different kinds of machineguns, combat rifles, canons, tanks, anti-aircraft air defense systems, grenades and bombs made in Israel and also Israeli ammunition.

Meantime, the Syrian Army units discovered an arms depot containing large volume of weapons, munitions and military equipment.

In a relevant development earlier in June, the Syrian Army discovered a cache of arms and military equipment, including the US and western weapons, during cleansing operations in Quneitra Province in Southern Syria.

The Syrian Army’s engineering units discovered several depots packed with weapons and military equipment, some of them made in the US and the West, left behind by terrorists in several towns and villages in Quneitra Province.

The discovered weapons included different kinds of rifles, Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPGs), machineguns and a large amount of ammunition

A military source, meantime, said that the Syrian Army troops found state-of-the-art telecommunications systems and satellite equipment made in the US and other Western countries.


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