Snakes Threaten President Weah’s Foreign Ministry Office

Flash Back: A black snake

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, temporary office of the Liberian presidency has been engulfed with fears following the mysterious discovering of  two black snakes crawling into the building early this week forcing dozens of employees in the building to be on alert, while the passport division in the building  was also ordered to be closed.

The president’s offices which are also situated in the building have been ordered closed while a massive hunt for the mysterious is being searched for, while staffers of the president’s office have asked to stay away until 22 April.

Speaking about the discovering of the two snakes, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby said, “The snakes were never killed,” Mr Toby said. “There was a little hole somewhere [through which] they made their way back.”

Police and presidential security were seen guarding Mr Weah’s residence in the capital Monrovia. A fleet of vehicles including escorts jeeps were parked outside. Mr Toby said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started to fumigate on Friday.

“That building’s been there for years now, and [because of] the drainage system, the possibility of having things like snakes crawling in that building was high,” he said.

The president is definitely returning to his official office on Monday after the fumigation whether or not the snakes are found and killed, Mr. Toby said.

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