Liberian Publisher Whose House Brunt To Ashes Sends Out ‘SOS Call’

The burnt house of the Liberian Publisher, Steve Doito,

A Liberian Journalist and Publisher of the X-Ray Newspaper, Mr. Steve Doito, whose four-attached-apartment structures situated in Oldest Congo Town, gutted fire last month, February 24, 2019 is making an SOS call to several humanitarian organizations and individuals come to his rescue.

Narrating his ordeal, Publisher Steve Doito said, “It came as a complete surprise as me and my family was in a Church service on Sunday when we received a stressful call that our property has been destroyed by fire.”

According to him, when he and his family left church service and arrived at the scene of the fire incident, “We saw our residence in total flame as all of our belongings and personal effects were burnt to ashes including that of our tenants.”

Steve Doito

On the cause of the fire, Publisher Doito indicated that he’s being told that one of his tenants son, aged 17, had tried to plug a heater while everyone had gone to church and in the process, it got short-circuited and became uncontrollable.

He voiced that the tenant son name not readily disclosed, was overwhelmed by the fire, thus leaving the structures completely destroyed by the fire. There was no casualty reported.

“We lost everything we’ve honestly earned or worked for and had in the fire except for the cloth we had on when my family of eight (8) went to church service,” the X-Ray Publisher wept.

“As I grant you this interview,” Publisher Doito laments, “My family is homeless lest to mention our tenants due to the burning of our property.”

Predicated upon this, Journalist Doito has sent a SOS call to humanitarian, philanthropic organizations, Liberia National Red Cross Society, National Disaster Agency, Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas, business community, friends and people who have advertised in the X-Ray Newspaper, among others, to come to his aid by rescuing him from the fire catastrophic.

He put the loss sustained from the fire disaster on his property to approximately US$20,000.00 apart from the damage done to the infrastructure alongside a provision shop he operated which was entirely consumed by the fire.

“During the fire incident, we also lose about L$90,000.00 coupled with unspecified amount of United States Dollars,” Publisher Doito revealed.

Though, he said, his property was not insured, he has been paying his real estate tax to government, adding, “Sadly, all that I have worked for as Liberian Journalist for 14 to 15 years was in a day’s time destroyed by the fire.”

At the same time, Publisher Steve Doito has called on the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia through its President, Mr. Charles Cuffey to join him by re-enforcing his SOS call to the public to rescue his family from the loss sustained as a result of the fire disaster.

Publisher Doito in the same vain, extended thanks and appreciation to former LBS Director-General, Mr. Charles Snetter for identifying with him through the provision of clothes  and all those who have and continue to console his family as he goes through the stress caused by the fire.

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